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Elvis Triple Feature

October 11, 2006 | Video
Warner Bros will release a the movies "Harum Scarum", "Speedway" and "Trouble with Girls" on a triple play 2DVD set on November 07, 2006.


A hunka-hunka burnin' excitement comes your way in three Elvis Presley movie romps. Former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley teams with rock's renowned King for the Arabian daze and nights of Harum Scarum (Disc 1/Side A). Next, these beauts are made for watchin' as go-go-booted Nancy Sinatra plays an IRS tax collector and Elvis portrays a top World 600 stock-car driver in Speedway (Disc 1/Side B). Finally, Presley takes on a change-of-pace role in The Trouble with Girls (Disc 2), starring as the white-suited impresario of a traveling 1927 tent show that brings its novelty acts, lectures and musical harmonies to Radford Center, Iowa. Songs, romance, Americana and co-stars Vincent Price and Sheree North - that's the kind of trouble we'd all like to have!
PTCJones wrote on October 11, 2006
They are really wringing out these movies to their full extent. If it sells, good luck to 'em.
SPK wrote on October 11, 2006
Warner Brothers, please release the six DVD's we are missing, bonus content a huge plus. Jailhouse Rock 07 Anniversary Edition? with outtakes, etc... Elvis fans, go to TCM.com, vote for the missing Elvis movies to be released on DVD. Thanks.
Mystery Rider wrote on October 15, 2006
These are the movies that helped put an end to these silly pictures elvis was forced into by colonel greedy and fueled the fire for the 68 comeback, colonel greedy made some smart decisions in the early 60's but after 65 it more and more about greed and stuffing his fat face, but all in all elvis remained king through it all. i'm sure he didnt have to do all the tours which led to his end the vegas shows were enough but colonel greedy needed money for his habits. elvis should have canned him, things would have been a lot different. and maybe a lot happier. and most of all there would have been no epe selling guns.
CD King wrote on October 15, 2006
Why do they keep releasing the same old movies over and over again? Doncha Think It's Time they release the remaining 7 "lost" Elvis movies on DVD namely TICKLE ME / CHARRO / GIRL HAPPY / ELVIS ON TOUR / KISSIN' COUSINS / LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE / STAY AWAY JOE. I am also waiting for the Elvis' last CBS 1977 Concert in pristine quality. What a bloody shame and disgrace that these great stuffs are hidden away from us fans and collectors. Repent EPE and Warner Bros/MGM etc
Steve V wrote on October 18, 2006
More rehashed product. I hope the folks at MGM, Warner, Turner, EPE and whoever else realize the main Elvis fan base is aging and well into middle age. If they release it all now they can realize more profit than if they keep waiting. Lets get it done.