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The Elvis Presley "Taking Care Of Business" Tribute Revolver

October 03, 2006 | Other
Pressrelease from EPE: America Remembers is pleased to announce the issuance of the Elvis Presley® Taking Care of Business™ Tribute Revolver, which celebrates the life of the King of Rock & Roll®, one of America’s most legendary icons. This exclusive Tribute is the fourth commemorative firearm America Remembers has created to honor the legend of Elvis Presley, and we are proud to offer it on one of the most powerful firearms ever used in American law-enforcement: the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver.

Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each working Smith & Wesson revolver in sparkling 24-karat gold and nickel artwork, a perfect canvas to capture the likeness of this remarkable musical legend. Prominently featured on each Tribute is the special “TCB”® logo Elvis shared with his closest friends and associates. With a lightning bolt striking from the bottom, the logo translates to “Taking Care of Business in a Flash,” an idea that encapsulates both the charisma and character of this magnetic entertainer.

Whether serving his country overseas, playing on-stage, or performing on-screen, Elvis touched the lives of countless adoring fans and today remains one of the most popular figures world-wide. During his career and throughout his life, Elvis collected firearms and loved to shoot. In particular, he had a strong admiration of law enforcement officers and the firearms that they carried, including the Smith & Wesson revolver. For those who appreciate firearms, and also admire Elvis Presley, the Elvis Presley® Taking Care of Business™ Tribute Revolver will be the centerpiece of any collection. In an edition of only 500 revolvers and available only from America Remembers for $2,195.00, this Tribute is sure to bring back fond memories of this legendary soldier and entertainer, while preserving his legacy for generations to come.

About America Remembers
America Remembers of Ashland, Virginia, continues the tradition of issuing commemorative firearms to honor notable individuals, organizations, and events of significance in American history. Capturing the highlights of history on a steel canvas, each Tribute issued by America Remembers is produced with the utmost attention to detail and issued in a strictly limited edition.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Pedro Nuno wrote on October 03, 2006
After all the shootings and problems that took place in America only in the last week, in three schools, personally I found very bad taste this so call "Tribute". Better pass this one. TCB for all.
ext_mnx wrote on October 03, 2006
After all the shootings take place in America only in the last week; for example Charles Roberts' deadly shooting attack in an Amish schoolhouse in Paradise, Pennsylvania, on Monday, is the worst decision from EPE. And I do not know that deadly weapons mean honor, life, histories´s highlights. Is a shame for Elvis Presley®´memory. Curious: Elvis Presley® was an human being and now a CKX product
Elvos77 wrote on October 03, 2006
Indeed a bad planned product and purely only for the USA..Now let's for the first Elvis Revolver killings...Shame on EPE and head of the staff Mr Sillyman..How much more do we have go through!
Elvos77 wrote on October 03, 2006
I ment Let's wait for the first Elvis Revolver killings.... Elvis Presley® Taking Care of Business™ King of Rock & Roll®, We are sorry Elvis,and ashamed!
chrisc wrote on October 03, 2006
It's a marketing opportunity and that's all that counts, apparently.
PaulFromFrance wrote on October 03, 2006
A device made to kill people as a tribute for Elvis (or any other person) ? What a SHAME!!
loftmanuk wrote on October 03, 2006
A very sad and poor decision to market this. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
PTCJones wrote on October 03, 2006
As a Brit living in the U.S., I have found guns are as much part of this country's culture as apple pie. There is a very strong gun lobby here led by major celebrities such as Charlton Heston and they have powerful friends in Washington. Guns are set in the Constitution (albeit meant for the Militia during the War Of Independence) and are widely available. As a citizen, I can go into my local Walmart and buy a shotgun, all I need is fill an application, where a Criminal background check is undertaken by the local law enforcement and about a week later it's mine.
delnis wrote on October 03, 2006
What a bad idea! More crass commercialism from the ever tasteless EPE.
JerryNodak wrote on October 04, 2006
Yes, guns are a part of the U.S culture. Yes, there is a strong gun lobby and they have pwerful friends. Yes, you can go into Walmart and buy a shotgun. I've done it and so have many of my friends and relatives. Do you know what we did with it? We went hunting. Ducks, geese etc. Guns aren't the problem. It's the "nuts" who use them. The ones you hear about on the news. These criminals are but a small fraction of gun owners in the U.S Elvis owned guns. Elvis loved guns. It was one of his hobbies. Should HE have been prevented from enjoying one of his hobbies? I have no problem with Elvis' name being aasociated with forearms. At least it's something he was associated with. Unlike rubber ducks.
PTCJones wrote on October 04, 2006
Hey JerryNodak, don't get irritated. I never made one criticism about your right to have a precious gun. I was just stating fact and I hope you have many happy years shooting ducks. The observation about guns not being the problem is a bit of a cliché though and I am not sure of the rubber duck reference. You mentioned Elvis possessing firearms, yes that's true, so does that make it alright then? I remember reading strange stories about Elvis shooting TV sets and so I can only assume he had a very unhealthy fascination with the subject.
JerryNodak wrote on October 04, 2006
In the U.S. it is lawful to possess and use firearms for lawful purposes. And yes, most people who possess firearms in this country are decent, law-abiding citizens who use their guns for peaceful, rereational purposes. Only the "nuts make the news. It may be a cliche, but miillions of people own guns in this country and don't go around shooting up schoolhouses or whatever. As far as Elvis' fascination with guns: I'm not qualified to judge whether it was unhealthy or not. I do know that I've felt like shooting out a TV more than once, but can't afford a new one.
jeremytcb wrote on October 04, 2006
You folks across the Atlantic just don't get it when it comes to guns, you always see guns as the problem. A gun is a tool and any tool in the hand of a madman can be a dangerous thing. Elvis was a gun owner like many of us here in America. We don't always count on the government to protect us...we aren't afraid to protect ourselves and we don't ask permission to do so. Guns are a part of our unique culture and heritage in a way that it isn't for other parts of the world. By the way, "The Elvis Revolver killings", how silly...this is a collector piece anyway, not a serious weapon.
Dan The Man wrote on October 04, 2006
People should try to keep fucus here and not make this a political/moral matter. The fact that you own a gun doesn't make you a sick killer and people are killed by sick ones here in Europe to, you know. It looks like a beautiful piece and I'm sure collectors would love to have it. You could say that it's in Elvis's spirit, knowing he was thrilled with firearms.
EspenK wrote on October 04, 2006
Yes this is bad taste indeed. And who can defend personal weapons after the latest school killing sprees. It's only in the US you find stories like that on a regular basis. Now why could that be: Because of the mind of the american people or the availability of the required "tools"? Probaby both.
Tony C wrote on October 04, 2006
I think that this is in very poor taste given the current state of the world, which is a vastly different place to the one it was when Elvis left us. What next, an official limited edition set of the drugs that Elvis took, all with his face on the label?
Crawfish wrote on October 04, 2006
I realise guns are a major part of US culture but I truly think this is in bad taste, in the current climate particularly. What were they thinking to allow this to go ahead? I guess it was just, "what's left to put his face on"? As a lifelong fan I think this is cheap publicity and am also ashamed. Hope to God I am wrong, but bet it won't be long until some freak is guaranteed to get his name in the papers by doing something hideous with one of these particular guns. Am so sorry Elvis, that people are letting you down! Where has the respect gone?!
marty wrote on October 04, 2006
When you talk about drugs, please use the term "prescription drugs". This describes Elvis' condition much better. And as for guns, I think it's a shame when people get killed by them. Everyone has the right to protect himself and I would love to have a gun handy if I get home and find someone robbing or threatening me. But I know there should be better solutions... As far as Elvis is concerned, shouldn't he be remembered for his music instead of guns, drugs, etc?
Rob Wanders wrote on October 04, 2006
awful! horrible!
Renan Augusto wrote on October 04, 2006
Sad decision. Terrible choice for marketing. Ducks, revolver.....what´s next? Poor Elvis....
Ton Bruins wrote on October 04, 2006
Long Live Mister Sillerman....
ptgelvis wrote on October 04, 2006
shoot a $2000.00 gun! what are you rich. this gun is not to shoot, it's to display and a very good investment. in 10 years or so it will be worth many times that. elvis had many special very expendsive guns that he distroyed the value by shooting them. but he was rich!!! however those gun now are very valuable because of belonging to elvis. they took your guns away in england now everyone there gets bugged and robed. i,ll stay in the usa with my guns thank you
ptgelvis wrote on October 04, 2006
that was mugged not bugged a typo sorry
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 04, 2006
All of us americans are not nuts,enough with the only in america etc etc,while i think you need them to protect yourself, im not a gun lover,so there goes one myth!
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 04, 2006
Rocks and sticks have been used as weapons. Does that mean there should be a ban on rocks and sticks?
byebye wrote on October 04, 2006
Hey PaulFromFrance, Did you know that the so called "device made to kill people" as you put it, was invented by a frenchman named -Eugene Lefaucheaux?! The "peacemaker" by Colt and the Smith&Wesson revolvers were all based on his invention. So maybe we all should blame Eugene for all the trouble in the world?! Besides, Elvis would have loved this collectors piece I´m sure..
MauriceColgan wrote on October 04, 2006
EPE guys will just smile all the way to the bank. Back in the 1950s it was Elvis's image on plastic Guitars, to serenade the Elvis dolls. Now we have guns to shoot the Elvis ducks. Did Mr Sillerman read my, "Elvis Presley: King of Commerce". It was on google.com. Before he bought EPE:-)
Lex wrote on October 04, 2006
Talking about shooting animals for fun on World Animal Day? Now that is a real shame. I don't have any problems with this gun, as long as it is only used on impersonators. Well, maybe a remixer or two :-)
ElvisDayByDay wrote on October 04, 2006
At Dixieland Rock: Yes there should be a ban on rocks and sticks, especially those you can buy at Graceland with Elvis' image on it :-) (Hope it doesn't happen, but Scotty Moore once sold rocks from his garden on eBay I believe ... so it isn't that hard to imagine someone at EPE's coming up with another product :-))
PTCJones wrote on October 04, 2006
Just want to reiterate JerryNodak that I was not criticizing your right or belief to have a gun, I was just stating fact which you agreed with for most part. As you can probably tell, there are many opinions here from different countries. I merely made the point that in the US, it's the norm. With regards to shooting TV sets, I think any reasonably intelligent human would deduce it is not a normal thing to do. As for taking away our guns in England ptgelvis, firearms are still legal, but you must have a licence, which is a lot tougher after Dunblane in Scotland and it is still illegal to shoot someone even in the US despite being mugged.
delnis wrote on October 05, 2006
It is a bad, classless, and tasteless decision to market this; but EPE is hardly known for class or taste. They are crude marketers of the name and image of a dead man - just as are all the people who've written their books, given their interviews, and profitted every way they can off Elvis - a man not there to defend himself or confirm or deny the stories. Yes, he had some sort of fascination with guns and law enforcement, and people can debate all day whether or not that was healthy and why he was so intrigued by the weapons and badges, etc. Is shooting out a television set healthy? No debate there - the answer is a resounding NO. Others here have posted that guns are legal when used for "lawful" purposes and that it's fine to use guns for "peaceful, recreational purposes" - what an outrageous statement. The use of a gun is never "peaceful", killing innocent animals is hardly decent, and it truly is disgusting that EPE would market a gun, of all things, in these times. Shameful, that's what it is. Shameful. And I disagree with anyone who thinks E would approve of this crass, awful commercialism that's been perpetuated by Pris, Lisa, and the ever-sleazy Sillerman.
ext_mnx wrote on October 05, 2006
Is a Total cruelty, inhumanity, savagery and ferocity this to Mr. Elvis Presley that do not deserve this. I do not believe the tale about Elvis Presley and Guns. I do not believe in them because are not a "Faith Act". For me are tales that became true because The Colonel, EPE and Memphis Maphia forced Elvis Presley to use them for to show a biezarre face. In life he sufered a total, a whole cruelty, inhumanity, savagery and ferocity treatment and now as delnis wrote: "...awful commercialism...perpetuated by Pris, Lisa, and the ever-sleazy Sillerman." And after I will read The "Tribute prescription drugs" ...
PaulFromFrance wrote on October 05, 2006
Jesper... I don't really mind if one of the American symbol was invented by a Frenchman. It proves we have sick individuals here also. But the point is: It's a real shame to associate a device made to kill people (don't fool me with ducks hunting, please) with Elvis. Elvis loved firearms ? Yes, as many troubled persons. No need to insist ad nauseam on his bad sides. All of this smell really bad.
MauriceColgan wrote on October 05, 2006
Ok nearly 30 Elvis fans have commented since the news was announced. Maybe even less on Elvis message boards? EPE will not be impressed...were they ever? I dont like the idea especially considering the insensitive timing of the announcement...which was a disgraceful example of complete indifference to public oppinion!!! but I'm a pragmatic kind of guy I know the vast majority of business men are not sentimental in the least. Sadly, the dollar reigns supreme, even in the Elvis Kingdom. Meanwhile we have a couple of great Elvis ads on TV...The future looks bright ahead.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 05, 2006
yes, this is one of the 'hobby's" of Elvis I have never understand, stronger I disguss. Also I never understood his fascination for police-work etc, the silly waterpistol-fights and the making of the same jokes on stage with Charlie laughing as if it was the first time he heared that joke (these are more innocent events). But we are all different and the weapon-subject will probably always bring a different point of view between USA-people and Europe-people. Roughly spoken of course; there are lots of people on both continents who will share the opinion of the other continent about this subject. But when I listen to the nw Million Dollar Quartet cd, I know why I love this man so much (inspite of his silly weapon-fascination).
Emiel Maier wrote on October 05, 2006
Bring back the good old days when they had Elvis in a toilet paper advertisement here in The Netherlands...
PaulFromFrance wrote on October 05, 2006
Emiel... on the other hand, a weapon is shit. So...
Colonel wrote on October 06, 2006
How can a weapon celebrate the life of Elvis Presley? Just another case of EPE exaggerating all that stuff imo.
Jerome wrote on October 06, 2006
terrible idea, terrible design
JerryNodak wrote on October 06, 2006
You're an expert on the design of commemerative, collectable firearms too, Jerome??
Steve V wrote on October 07, 2006
whatever happened to the freakin music? cant the estate just concentrate on that 100 per cent? I dont see this kind of promotion with any other major musical artist. It makes me sad and not just for the revolver. For the bicycle, wine, candles, etc. I may never go to Graceland again!
Jerome wrote on October 07, 2006
dear Jerry, besides the poor quality of this add, this "commemerative, collectable firearm" as you call it, leaves a bad taste. Looking at (just for a big example) Elvis his gun collection, it shows some class, I recommend people OR to save money to buy something worthy or to reconsider their taste. For G*d sake, please..this ain't the kind of tool to bring any justice to Elvis his class. Besides that, dear Jerry, I consider myself an expert in a lot of things. For any further information on my broad expertises, you can always contact me
elvisfan1958 wrote on October 09, 2006
I would love to have an Elvis collectable pistol, but not this one. It looks like a kids toy gun. If you have seen any of Elvis guns, you know he had some nice looking guns. He would have never bought one that looks like this, and neither will I. They need to come up with a better design. One that an adult would buy.
qwer wrote on October 10, 2006
a 'tribute revolver' ???? how far can they go with this junk sullying his name and image.
Devon wrote on October 12, 2006
I can not find the words (i know what i wish i could say) to tell all Elvis fans what i think about this. I have seen many things come around about Elvis but i cant belive this how can they keep selling this junk. Do you think Elvis would want a gun with his pic. on it.
Mystery Rider wrote on October 14, 2006
These people are taking a page out of the Book of Colonel Greedy Parker remember if its Elvis it sells, the Colonel was a Huckster now that he's gone every one with EPE is on the same band wagon as Pt Barnum said theres a sucker born every minute so get your guns before the other suckers get theres and you'll be the only sucker on your block without one.
Steve V wrote on October 14, 2006
I'm glad to see the estate is helping to keep the memory of the Colonel alive & well. He never understood the music and neither does EPE anymore.