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Never Ending Love

October 07, 2006 | Video
Set for release on the import Star label is the DVD "Never Ending Love".

From the information available: This DVD will feature footage from all eras, and does not stop in 1977. It combines unseen footage with the best available audio and features 47 chapters with a running time around 130 minutes.

- That's Someone You'll Never Forget; A very moving clip, about the loss of Elvis' mother Gladys
- Confidence; yes The song from the Clambake movie, only this version will be loved by all fans, it shows Elvis "struggle" to survive the movie years, very funny clip
- The Gospel Medley; featuring a lot of new footage taken from the 3 dvd - set.
- Blue Suede Shoes; Great pictures, combined with footage from 1969 (audio is 1969 live version)
- Sweet Caroline; A newly discovered live performance from 1971, where Elvis wears the "Now suit".
- Tiger Man; This is STAR at their best!!, footage from 1968 where Elvis sings the song, combined with the 1974 footage of Elvis practicing karate, only we get the 1975 Jam AUDIO version of the song, think it won't work? Wait till you see this!
- America, the Beautiful; Very rare Live version from 1976, you see Elvis sing this song!
- I'm Leavin' ; On "Love Love Coming Down" this song also was used, only this time, we actually see Elvis sing this song, combined with footage from his final tour, and funeral this is an even better version.
- Don't Cry Daddy; the famous duet with Lisa Marie, this is becomming an all time favorite with the fans, only seen during the 20th Anniversary concert
- The 25th Anniversary Segment; Including Movie Medley, Blue Suede Shoes (with Boots Randolph!) and Johnny B Goode. Footage is edited with more Elvis close ups!

But there is a lot more on this dvd, and like with all the Star DVD, every fan has his own "favorite" clip, this one will have "something for everybody" and will be a definitive WINNER! Also on this dvd is a "sneak preview" of the Born To Rock 2 DVD, which will be out before christmas.
Source:Elvis Information Network
gary 1 wrote on October 07, 2006
As with all the Star releases this i'm sure is going to be another fantastic release.Can't wait.
Shaky wrote on October 07, 2006
If its a STAR product it will be superb, have watched A New Year with Elvis and Love Coming Down and they are so good you just have to bin all previous versions - Just wish they were in the shops because they are just too good for DVD-R! EPE get these people on board - no one makes DVD's they way the fans like-em LIKE STAR do!
Elvisy wrote on October 07, 2006
The excitement is really growing and believe me I feel good! Now, As for this dvd that STAR is releasing, can someone please tell me from where do I get it ? Well if I cannot I guess I'll have to wait!
dannyboy1 wrote on October 07, 2006
The Star DVDs are creative to be sure, but what ruins them for me is the fact that so many film clips are stretched so far out of their correct aspect ratios. On one of the Live Spirits DVDs the 1970 Elvis is stretched too tall and thin, while concert film from 1976 is stretched much too wide. I would have been very pleased to see the '76 film if it hadn't been ruined in the presentation. I don't know if these techniques will be used in the new DVDs or not, but I for one won't be buying them to find out!
Greg Nolan wrote on October 08, 2006
"Ruins them"? Keep it in perspective: for the few occasional glitches you mention (mostly easy to get past), the Star DVDs (or DVD-Rs) have been some of the best Elvis film/ video to come from just about *any* source short of the big-wigs who own the '68 and Aloha footage. Any fan who is enough of a fan to come on to this board will truly enjoy STAR's creativity on releases like the TTWII outtakes gathered on "I'll Be There" (I & II) and "Elvis On Tour: Through My Eyes," the "Hollywood Elvis" clips, etc. Buy with confidence, people.
dannyboy1 wrote on October 08, 2006
What I actually said Greg was "what ruins them for me..." In other words I'm giving my opinion. These are not just "a few occasional glitches" but a technique I've seen in numerous Star DVD's. There is very little if anything used on Star DVDs that are previously unseen - its mostly all ripped off TTWII-SE, '68 Comeback Special, and other recent DVD releases of 8mm film, etc... If I'd rather watch TTWII-SE than see the same "borrowed" footage stretched out of correct perspective on a Star DVD, aren't I allowed to say so? I'm sorry...when I clicked on the "Give Your Opinion" button I thought that was what I was actually allowed to do.
Colin B wrote on October 08, 2006
Surely the 'out of perspective' problem is to do with the changes from 4:3 to widescreen and back for different clips. A tv setting of 'auto' is supposed to handle this, but many can't manage it ! But a bit of swift keying on the remote control at the start of each clip should suffice.
PTCJones wrote on October 08, 2006
I agree with you dannyboy. There are a few people here that are very quick to criticize opinions rather than the article, which in itself is alright if it's constructive. What gets me most though is that sometimes they are downright hostile. I don't always agree with what people write on this site, but I don't feel the need to go on this personal Crusade to deprecate them. What makes these experts right all the time anyway, because they participate in other Elvis forums?
Greg Nolan wrote on October 09, 2006
Mr. Jones: I never style myself as an expert, but I do encourage frank discussion and a sense of perspective. Surely you're able to defend your own opinions and don't wilt from just a little criticism? I don't pretend to speak for you and respect your right to speak freely. Danny' : In my view, the "Star" DVD's are hardly perfect, but overall, they've been met with an overwhelming sense of appreciation and good feedback from the fans who have been lucky enough to see them. That has to be acknowledged. If anything, they're the best kept-secret in the Elvis world, as many hard-core fans still have not seen them, from what I've noticed. Also, do you have all the Star DVD's? I don't but those I have are extremely entertaining. I can't fathom that anyone really thinks there is a better place to sit and watch the TTWII outtakes or EOT outtakes. Maybe I've missed them, these really pack a whallop, with great sound, great editing and a creative marriage of silent footage scraps which are then turned into new "music videos," often of songs that we never saw Elvis perform on film. The makers of Star (whoever they are) have added something unique to all of the DVDs I've seen by them. We've all seen crappy releases in the import world: by any stretch of the imagination: the Star label really is not one of them. Keep it constructive, is all I mean. This is not EPE or Sony /BMG ripping you off as they so often attempt. It's probably some Elvis nut living in his parent's basement in Bavaria. Cut him a break. <grin>.
PTCJones wrote on October 09, 2006
Interesting Mr. Nolan that you defend yourself without me even mentioning your name. But seeing as you have stepped up to the plate I will continue. You say you don't pretend to speak for me, but your preceeding line did just that and if you stand by your words respecting peoples opinions, I do not really expect to see condescending remarks. I think dannyboy made some valid points and I totally respect his opinion and I also happen to agree.
Greg Nolan wrote on October 12, 2006
What's so interesting about it, Mr. Jones ? I knew where you were going. Look, we're all entitled to our opinions (of course!) but if they're going to lack overall perspective (such as that this is a fan-made *DVD-R*, incidentally), let's not act like we're discussing what we're going to do about North Korea. <grin> As a fan with limited funds, I can tell you that the Star DVD's have been the best money I've spent. If I saw any of you in person, you'd know I speaking strictly as a fellow Elvis fan. I actually appreciate your point about the mistakes and think it has to be said, but I hardly think Star is over-rated. They're great! EPE and BMG /Sony should take some inspriration from Star's creativity. I think most all of us will love the Star releases.
PTCJones wrote on October 12, 2006
It's interesting because you are one of them people, Mr. Nolan who believe they are an expert and everyone else is wrong unless they agree with you. You like the Star DVD's- great! My cup runneth over! I personally don't. If I can use your terminology, you are making it the North Korean issue, dannyboy made a valid point when you told him to keep it in perspective. Pretty similar to when you told somebody to keep to the point when asking a simple question about alternate takes or when someone remarked about the Camden releases and you came back with the "pizza pie" comment.
Shaky wrote on November 04, 2006
Just finished watching this DVD for the first time and it's no surprise to tell you it's a fantastic body of work. You just have to wish one day a product from EPE would match the quality and inspired editting of these STAR products. STAR is like a DVD version of our beloved FTD collections and another 10/10 for maximising the quality of the material they have to work with, keep up the good work!