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Elvis, Linda And Me

September 29, 2006 | Book
Jeanne LeMay Dumas, best friend to Linda Thompson, is releasing a book, "Elvis, Linda & Me: Unseen Pictures & Untold Stories from Graceland". To be published shortly by AuthorHouse, it will in color, 8.5x11 format, ISBN: 1425960006.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Teacher wrote on September 29, 2006
From Authorhouse: About the Book: "Elvis fans the world over constantly dream about what their fantasy would have been if they had been lucky enough to have known him. Imagine having been Linda Thompson's best girlfriend and being with her the night she met Elvis. Then imagine becoming Elvis' friend, being kissed by him, working for him, and the ultimate dream: having sleepovers at Graceland with Linda (actually sleeping in his bed) while Elvis was away, traveling with Elvis and Linda on concert dates, and taking pictures of the upstairs area at Graceland. This book tells the story of how it all began and gives you a look at the incredible (some never-before-seen) pictures." About the Author: Jeanne LeMay Dumas today living in Rhode Island with her husband, Bob. Free Preview: "The front doors of the theater came almost crashing open and in walked what I can only describe as a "vision". It was Elvis Presley. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. We immediately sensed a magnetism in the room that had not been there before. He completely electrified the room by his mere presence. Bill Browder suddenly yelled over the rows to Elvis and said, "Elvis, I'd like you to meet Linda Thompson, Miss Tennessee, and this is her friend Jeanne LeMay, Miss Rhode Island." Elvis turned around, smiled at both of us, and said, "Very nice to meet you. How are you two doin' tonight?"
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 29, 2006
How about a book from the best friend of the best friend of linda?
ElvisBR wrote on September 29, 2006
No , thanks!
tigerpawl wrote on September 29, 2006
Why doesnt Linda Thompson writer a book. Everyone else has. Ill tell you why because she is not a money hungry hound dog. If she did write a book it would be a great book. Linda promotes Elvis on talks shows in a positive way even though she went through some hard times with him and tried to get him straight. I believe if she would have stayed with him he would have lived longer and she possibly could have turned his life around. It is a crying shame that everyone is trying to make a buck off Elvis.
SuziB wrote on September 30, 2006
Linda has said she WILL write a book!
PTCJones wrote on September 30, 2006
Good grief, what next? How about a biography from the Chinese delivery guy. Hey Steve V, how did you abuse the keyboard?
Steve V wrote on September 30, 2006
Pjones - All I did was follow the word 'WHO' by about 10 question marks. Abuse of the question mark I guess. Unbel!
benny scott wrote on September 30, 2006
Hi Tigerpawl, I'm in full agreement with you ! Hello SuziB, If Linda will write a book I'm sure it will be in a very possitive way.I think she's a real honest woman and I'm sure she really loved Elvis. But for the above announced forthcoming release written by Jeanne etc.: no thanks
Elvisy wrote on October 01, 2006
I will buy the book as I see it will be very interesting provided Jeane does tell us alot we would love to know as an onlooker too. Only one thing Jeane give us everything not just the sweet stuff. We can and will accept the king with all his stuff. We do do he had a lot of bad moments but come on guys He was only human too! And by the way why does'nt Linda do it herself ? I always wanted Linda to write a book. She is the only one who really cared for and loved Elvis. Linda was the best thing to have happened to Elvis!
GeeBee wrote on October 02, 2006
Hasn't she already plastered all her photos all over the web?
delnis wrote on October 04, 2006
Who cares about this woman's book? Just another person making a buck off a man not here to confirm or deny. As for LT, I notice that some fans think highly of her, but there are those of us who believe that she was actually a detrimental influence in his life. Linda is an enabler and she did not help Elvis, despite what some believe - she babied him and she had her own agenda. He was a grown man with many problems and he needed smart, caring, and sincere people to help him both personally and professionally. What he did not need was a bunch of "yes" men or a girlfriend who talked baby talk and perpetuated the negativity in his life. His drug use got worse during the time he spent with Linda, as did his health, but remember that he was also seeing other women as well; Linda was a buddy, a chum, not the love interest so many believe her to have been. He kicked her out, but she was moving in other directions anyway - she was not a great love lost. Anyway, I'd vote not to purchase this woman's book. Don't contribute to the bank accounts of those who simply use Elvis for financial gain. I'm sure she'll start marketing her EP association for all its worth now that she's divorced and getting older. And she no doubt recognizes that fewer and fewer real fans or the public in general simply don't care what she has to say anymore.
stanton wrote on October 09, 2006
Like many other books on Elvis I will end up buying this one, too....really not to read the story that Mrs. XY feels she has to tell us, but to get some new pics of Elvis, some I might not have or know yet. Maybe the authors should take it easier and just publish pictures. This way the real Fan by Heart and Soul would be pleased and noone has to wonder or discuss wether the new published stories are of any true consence.
delnis wrote on October 09, 2006
The reason the moochers and vultures make money off of E is because people buy their junk. This book, from what has been detailed online, contains photos of the upstairs quarters at Graceland. What an invasion of privacy. It just proves that Linda Thompson was a user, NOT a true friend to Elvis. She allowed her girlfriend to either take the photos and the friend is now making money off a second step association with Elvis. No thanks! Isn't it enough that EPE opened up the private home of Elvis so that millions of people can tramp through a house he loved? Now, people will buy photos of the most private areas of the house. No shame.
Tony D. wrote on March 10, 2007
I have just purchased this book and whilst I have not got around to reading any of the text in it, there are a handful of unseen photos, although they look as though they have been printed off the internet judging by the poorish quality. But i was nice to see some 'new' pictures and this girl Jeanne sure was a beauty!