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Elvis Interview: A Second Chance

September 27, 2006 | Book
Announced by Authorhouse is a new book entitled "Elvis Interview: A Second Chance". The book by M. J. Allan will be published in September 2006.

From the publisher's website:
"Elvis Presley and the publicity questioning the validity of his demise have been consistently explored and will for a number of years to come.

This story was not written to bring him back or revive his legacy. To the contrary, it was written to bring him peace and privacy, the common desire we all share.

Here is written one possible explanation of how death may have been cheated. This involved long term planning to prepare the funds, contacts, a safe house, medical teams, and psychotherapists, specializing in dc-programming issues. After his consent the plan was put into action.
Martin DJ wrote on September 27, 2006
Sounds like the sequel to The Da Vinci Code.
EspenK wrote on September 27, 2006
Would be interesting with a link to the publishers website to read more. On www.authorhouse.com I could not find it(?)
PTCJones wrote on September 28, 2006
Sounds a contradiction to me. To bring him peace, they write a book about him? Perhaps if that is their sole goal, then maybe the profits could go into the many charities Graceland supports.
byebye wrote on September 28, 2006
Correct Pj! -We´ve heard this argument before from the ugly face of greed!
Elvisy wrote on September 28, 2006
I totally agree with Jesper and P jones. Suddenly again,many people find themselves writing books or now pretending to say something nice about Elvis.Where were these people when books against him were written I'd like to know. Let him have peace in his grave I tell you!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 29, 2006
WHat another book on elvis? you gotta be kidding? surely not!