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More Details Ultimate Film Collection DVD Set

September 19, 2006 | Video
Announced earlier is the Ultimate Film Collection. It even comes in collectors-edition box that and contains nine DVDs with: Jailhouse Rock, It Happened at the World's Fair, Viva Las Vegas, Harum Scarum, Spinout, Double Trouble, Speedway, The Trouble With Girls, and Elvis: That's The Way It Is, Special Edition. It also contains two never-before-released DVDs: "Elvis: Black Leather" with highlights from the "'68 Comeback Special" in a special edit of material from "Elvis's '68 Comeback TV special". Also, only available in this set, you'll get "Elvis's Movie Music Performances" which includes 14 of the best Elvis musical performances from his movies, and over five minutes of private home movies that have rarely been seen by the public.

CD of Elvis's Movie Music : Elvis Music Rarities includes a selection of 20 tracks of live concert recordings and alternate takes from Elvis's movie soundtrack recording sessions. This CD has just been released and is only available in this box set.

Besides this the set contains other material.
- Two 16-page collector booklets with film details, photographs, trivia and behind-the-scenes stories.
- A limited-edition copy of Elvis's script from the movie Jailhouse Rock.
- An amazing collection of duplicates from the Graceland archives including vintage news clippings and confidential documents relating to Elvis's film career from the files of Colonel Tom Parker.
- Six beautifully-produced 8"x10" photographs of Elvis from the production of some of his films.
- A special collectors set of 5"x7" reprints of the original movie poster for all nine movies plus a bonus poster for Elvis: Black Leather.

The details of the bonus DVD and CD are:

Bonus DVD #1 - Elvis: Black Leather - Highlights From The '68 Comeback Special

Here, available for the first time on DVD, is a special edit of the show called Elvis: Black Leather, created for distribution to European television stations starting in 2005. It contains the traditional Trouble/Guitar Man show opener and a special white suit/black leather suit combination of the If I Can Dream show closer. The balance of the disc contains highlights of Elvis's "black leather stand-up" and "black leather sit-down jam session" performances that were shot as a source of core content for the original TV special.

Bonus DVD #2 - Elvis Movie Music Performances

Treat Me Nice (Jailhouse Rock)
Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock)
Baby, I Don't Care (Jailhouse Rock)
One Broken Heart For Sale (It Happened At The World's Fair)
Viva Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas)
C'mon Everybody (Viva Las Vegas)
What'd I Say (Viva Las Vegas)
I'll Be Back (Spinout)
Long Legged Girl (Double Trouble)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (The Trouble With Girls)
Clean Up Your Own Backyard (The Trouble With Girls)
Just Pretend (That's The Way It Is)
Bridge Over Trouble Water (That's The Way It Is)
I've Lost You (That's The Way It Is)
Plus, Never Before Seen Home Movies

Bonus CD - Elvis Music Rarities

Treat Me Nice - takes 1,2,3 (from FTD release, Flashback)
One Broken Heart For Sale - movie version (from FTD release, It Happened At The World's Fair)
Viva Las Vegas - takes 1,2,3 (from FTD release, Viva Las Vegas)
Hey Little Girl - takes 1,2 (from FTD release, Harum Scarum)
All That I Am - take 2 (from FTD release, Spinout)
Long Legged Girl - takes 1 & 2 (from FTD release, Double Trouble)
Speedway - master (from the original RCA album, Speedway)
Almost - take 11 (from FTD release, Silver Screen Stereo)
Jailhouse Rock (from FTD release, Burbank '68)
That's All Right (from FTD release, One Night In Vegas)
Mystery Train/Tiger Man (from FTD release, One Night In Vegas)
You've Lost That Loving Feeling (from FTD release, One Night In Vegas)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (from FTD release, One Night In Vegas)
Polk Salad Annie (from FTD release, One Night In Vegas)
Source:Elvis World Japan
Narek wrote on September 19, 2006
They made me want that
luckyjackson85 wrote on September 19, 2006
Warner home video needs to get their act together and release the final six movies(Kissin Cousins, Girl Happy,Tickle Me, Stay Away Joe, Live a Little, Love A Little and Charro!). Instead of releasing the same old movies with some ridiculous extras. These movies should have been released back in January of 2005, but now it is just getting frustruating to release the same old DVD releases when they haven't released any new ones yet this year.
JerryNodak wrote on September 19, 2006
I'm not interested. No sale.
Devon wrote on September 20, 2006
Im All Shook Up!!!!!!Oh ya count me in , I want it,I need it,I love it
CD King wrote on September 20, 2006
Count me in also. Looks like terrific stuffs.
Steve V wrote on September 20, 2006
Recycled product with some extra fluff to ensure fans will buy it. No thanks. New product please. Release the movies that need to be released.
yelserp wrote on September 20, 2006
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (The Trouble With Girls) Heaven knows after all these years they still cannot get this title correct. It is Swing DOWN, Sweet Chariot.
SuziB wrote on September 20, 2006
'Low' and 'Down' are interchangeable..the song is kown by both and as far as anyone can tell, 'Low' is the original...Guess depends which vrsion of the sheet music lyric you use 'Why don't you swing down...' or 'Why don't you swing low' - can't remember which Elvis sings in the movie...
yelserp wrote on September 20, 2006
SuziB, 'Swing Low' and 'Swing Down' are completely different songs with the words to the former being:- Swing low, sweet chariot, Coming for to carry me home, Swing low, weet chariot, Coming for to carry me home. Elvis' version has completely different lyrics as it is a completely different song. Please do some revision before posting next time.
marty wrote on September 20, 2006
I haven't bought any of those movies in the DVD format yet (is still have them on VHS) because I always thought that they should be fully restored first to obtain the best possible quality (like i.e. That's the way it is). So for me this box set is a big temptation! I will probably buy it sooner or later. But I fully agree with those who complain about the films that haven't been released yet. What are they waiting for?
davrid wrote on September 20, 2006
Andy (an idiot using Presley backwards, very original,not!) you should apologise to Suzi for she is right. There are many variations of this song which are called 'Chariot Spiritulas' using the same tune at different tempos and lyrics(a consequence of not commiting the original words to paper) not just 'Swing Low...','Swing Down...',but 'Ride The Chariot', 'Danville Chariot' etc etc. I await your apology to her with interest.........
yelserp wrote on September 20, 2006
Davrid, it certainly takes one to know one. It seems you missed the point completely but I'll put you right. The Elvis version of the song is and always will be 'Swing Down, Sweet Chariot'. This is what is printed on the albums, this is what Elvis sings - it seems that some just can't grasp this. Suzi even states she is not sure which version Elvis sings so my revision line holds up. Why do people even post if they aren't aware of the facts. I await your apology for the 'idiot' insult.
Getlow wrote on September 21, 2006
Great packaging but for me it's hardly Ultimate. Another collection of missing movies, now if you want to impress me, release Love Me Tender, Loving You, Jailhouse Rock, King Creole, G.I. Blues etc, ie release them in order of production, 6 at a time until all 33 films are packaged this way. Then you'll have an Ultimate Collection... "Action, eh Memphis"
davrid wrote on September 21, 2006
Some people are so slow. The point is that all the Chariot Spirituals are basically the same song,and any one of the titles can apply to any one of the songs...jeez....
marty wrote on September 21, 2006
Elvis has recorded "Swing DOWN, sweet chariot" twice (in 1960 and in 1968). This song has been recorded in many different variations by many different artists over the years, but Elvis's variation is "Swing DOWN, sweet chariot". So when anyone refers to Elvis's recordings they should use the correct title. Any other variation (that may have been recorded by ANOTHER artist) of the title is simply put a mistake...
LIncoln_Imp wrote on September 21, 2006
As a keen fan of spiritual music, I would like to confirm that davrid is correct in that all the Chariot Spirituals have the same root which is "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" - a song based upon slave code about escaping slavery. As davrid says the words were never written down and different versions of the same song evolved, not only due to interpretation but for added meaning in the slave code. Elvis' version is based upon the Golden Gate Quartet's from the album "Good Book", also on this album was "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", however the Golden Gate Quartet and many other gospel and spiritual groups used to transpose the titles, irrespective of the lyrics they were using.
SPK wrote on September 21, 2006
Looks beautiful, but please release the six DVD's we need! Alos, more soundtracks from FTD.
PTCJones wrote on September 22, 2006
Thanks for getting back to the point SPK. This is a nice set, but who is it really aimed at? I would expect the cost to be too high for the casual buyer and for the real fans, they probably have all the material anyway. Unless packaging is your thing, the only real plus is the home movies which is first classed in this article as "rarely seen" then "never before seen". Either or, you only get 5 minutes. The other benefits like the "Black Leather" segment are probably outweighed by the price. I also think it's wrong to lump movies like "Jailhouse Rock" with "Double Trouble", fun as the latter title is.