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Elvis Presley - Pures Gold: 30 #1´s

September 22, 2006 | Music
Set for release on November 10, 2006 is a CD from BMG Germany entitled "Elvis Presley - Pures Gold: 30 #1´s" This compilation is aimed at the general public and will be supported by an advertisement campaign.
Source:Collectors Service
asd123 wrote on September 23, 2006
wow, already got the 30#1 like .... hum... 5 times? That's what i needed
PTCJones wrote on September 23, 2006
I agree KingOfSpades, they can't milk this complilation much more, I have the original, special edition, DVD, Hitstory, don't think I will buy this. Good thing the general public doesn't know.
Devon wrote on September 24, 2006
Had it for years, how many times they going to sell it as something new.
Elviz The Pelviz wrote on September 29, 2006
The Core Elvis fans forget that CD is targeted to the general record buying public. Do not forget that it was the general record buying public which made "A Little less convesation" and "Rubberneckin" huge hits. It was they who placed the reissues of Elvis's number one hits in the top five in the U.K.charts. If BMG wanted to release new material then there would not have been any albums after 1977 - 78 period. Sure it is milking the cow. But the milk is targeted to the general public. And the record buying public changes from generation to generation. We as the core fans do not have to buy these stuff. However it is the general record buying public who decides which record would be a hit and what would be a faliure. Also I hear that there would be an Album of remixed hits released in conjunction with Elvis"s 30th death annivasary, I hope it would be a huge hit among the general public and there would be hit singles as well. Thanks & Best Regards
PTCJones wrote on September 30, 2006
I agree to a point Elviz about being aimed the mass market. Problem is this particular compilation is now making it's 4th reincarnation since 2002, which is hardly a generation. I fear the general public may think he only ever recorded 31 songs!