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Unused 1956 Concertticket Fetches High Price At Auction

September 11, 2006 | Other
An unused 1956 Elvis concert ticket has netted a trio of siblings US$1,623.98 on eBay. The ticket belonged to their mother, Ginny Jevack, 64, of Painesville. A snowstorm on Nov. 23, 1956, prevented her from attending the concert at the Cleveland Arena. She originally bought the ticket for $2.

The ticket went on the Web site a week ago, at first only garnering a $50 bid. It was the lone bid for most of the week. As Saturday's 3 p.m. deadline loomed, the item picked up interest and in the last few minutes jumped from $1,350 to the final winning bid.
JimmyCool wrote on September 11, 2006
I don't know what's the big deal... she didn't see the concert... the ticket it's just a piece of paper.
Devon wrote on September 11, 2006
Hey Jimmy you must not be much of and Elvis fan, just a peace of paper. Id love to have it in my collection. I was lucky i was able to see the King 36 times in concert and i have every stub and and cant put a price on the stubs i have from the shows i saw. Who ever bought it is very lucky to have it!!!
JimmyCool wrote on September 12, 2006
Of course I'm a fan, but that ticket didn't make it for the purpose it was made for... I mean, to me it would be valious if the ticket was used to see Elvis.
Lecelvis wrote on September 12, 2006
Nice momento. Wonder what web site it was offered by. Anyone know??