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Elvis' Cup For Sale

September 12, 2006 | Other
This article was filed under "Wacky and Weird" on the original site we found it.

We've eagerly been waiting here at TMZ for our chance to own a cup that may (or may not) have been used by Elvis Presley. Now that chance to spend all of our hard earned cash on a Styrofoam cup has arrived.

For a starting bid of $56,000, you too can own the world famous Elvis Cup. That's right -- for the price of a luxury German sedan, you can own the cup the King himself allegedly drank from at a 1977 concert.

Wade Jones, the man who saved the cup from obscurity, has already auctioned off three teaspoons of water from the the cup for $455 back on Christmas Day 2004. Now Wade is going for the whole enchilada and selling the cup that has brought him so much joy over the years.

Now all we need is an Elvis plate and some Elvis utensils and we'll have ourselves an Elvis dining set.
Source:In The Zone
cathyreno wrote on September 13, 2006
Its wacky and weird is right! whether its authentic is another thing? 1977 is a long long time. But it'll be bought no doubt T C B
wayup wrote on September 13, 2006
Well I guess that a lot of people know that Wade Jones is an idiot. Just take a look at his website and you will know...
Steve V wrote on September 13, 2006
stu wrote on September 13, 2006
DNA in your Elvis briefs June? I'd start the bidding at 50p....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 14, 2006
Classy real classy!
Classof1958 wrote on September 14, 2006
You have to go to ebay and look up "The Elvis Cup" scroll down to "The Elvis Cup" theme song and interview" for a great laugh. This almost has to be real as you can't make this stuff up. By the way I may go to the arena that Elvis last appeared at here and capture some of the air he breathed and put it up for auction. Mature Elvis fan wrote classy, I think the word is cheesy.
wayup wrote on September 14, 2006
Well "The Elvis Cup" theme song is a great piece of ****. Only "We Are The Panthers" can compete. Anyway the whole story is ridiculous and possible in USA only. NC demented weirdo Wade Jones and his mentally sick dwarf friend Renelvis... good luck boys, I hope you will make a lot of money on this PS "Elvis" cup with "Elvis spit" inside. When it will be sold out, I can send you new ones made from PS too - identical. Possible deal, mister Wade ? :-)
wayup wrote on September 14, 2006
Classof1958: I may go to the arena that Elvis last appeared at here and capture some of the air he breathed - well hardly... the Market Sqr arena imploded :-(( but anyway you can catch some molecules outside :-))) with a little luck :-)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 14, 2006
I was useing sarcasim, cheesy it just too much of an understatement,if you ever wonder why elvis and his fans are thought of as idiots then heres one good example!
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 15, 2006
I wonder if "Nudie" will make a special Gold Leaf cup holder for this cup. Why not put a black pompador wig on the cup with sideburns and Gold sunshades. Make sure it's "Official". They may as well sell tickets for the public to see this cup and stick it on a stage in some Arena. Pipe in some "Official" air that was in the building in some of those concerts. They need to have "Official" cups the band would have drank from and set them on stage too. Find an "Official" cigar the Coloniel would have smoked and have near the stage. Serve only "Officially" licensed coffee and give away an "Official" bicycle. Maybe the "Official" Elvis Duck could make an appearance on stage with the "Official" cup. Then release an "Official" coffee table book about the cup, with unreleased pictures of the cup.
PTCJones wrote on September 15, 2006
What amazes me is that a couple of weeks ago they were auctioning one of Elvis' Cadillacs for less than my namesake is asking for this cup.
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 15, 2006
They might as well make a movie about this cup and call it "The Cup and the Beauty Queen's Cup". They could locate a cup D. Johnson drank from to play the part......lol
Classof1958 wrote on September 15, 2006
Wayup the old Municipal Auditorium where Elvis appeared in 1957 (we didn't call them concerts back then) still stands and is in use. It was standing room only that night as the auditorium only held about 500 people and there was probably another 500 or so teenagers out on the front lawn listening on a PA system.
Mystery Rider wrote on September 15, 2006
Was this something out of the third Indiana Jones Movie? Pick the right cups and drink the right drink.?
Devon wrote on September 17, 2006
I cant find the words to tell you what i think about this!!!