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Elvis And Dolly Add Starpower To Tennessee Website

September 16, 2006 | Other
Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton have made Tennessee’s tourism Web site a hit on the Internet. The Tennessee music icons were digitally paired in a TV commercial cruising down the road in a red sports car. Elvis is behind the wheel and Dolly is talking up Tennessee.

“Let’s pick it up a little bit, honey,” she tells the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. “There are all kinds of things to do in Tennessee. But, next time, let’s take the pink Cadillac.”

State Tourism Commissioner Susan Whitaker said people around the world are interested in seeing the Presley-Parton commercial, and that’s led them to Tennessee’s Internet link supporting the state’s $12.4 billion tourism industry.

Tennessee’s site at http://www.tnvacation.com — the only place where you can see the commercial on demand — has become one of the most popular vacation Web addresses on the Internet, ranking in the Top 10 among more than 200 million sites on Google, she said.

“We had enough hits to push it on the popular sites,” she told the Knoxville chapter of the American Marketing Association on Wednesday. “It’s been that way for four months.”

With more people using the Web to find travel information, Whitaker said the Department of Tourism is spending an extra $1 million beefing up its Internet marketing.

So far, the number of Web visitors is up 70 percent over last year, she said.

You can watch the viseo at: http://elvis.com/graceland/special/video_elvis-dolly.asp
Mielvis wrote on September 16, 2006
anybody know how to download this commercial?
Devon wrote on September 17, 2006
So Cooooooooooooooooooooooool
Mystery Rider wrote on September 17, 2006
This has been on TV all summer Long, and its really great....ya gotta see it to beleive it.
cathyreno wrote on September 18, 2006
Its excellent really great... Done in brilliant taste and the eye contact looks so realistic... T C B
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 20, 2006
About five second's of Elvis............but I do like Dolly anyway, her version of "I Will Alway's Love You" far better than the overrated Whitney Houston.