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Elvis Presley To Be Released As Picture Disc

September 08, 2006 | Music
Elvis' selftitled debut album "Elvis Presley" will be reissued as a vinyl picture disc by the same label that released the "Sunshine" vinyl picture disc. This edition is due for release early October 2006.
Source:Elvis Corner
E.J.F... wrote on September 08, 2006
Keep 'em comin' BMG! What's this? The 523rd version of his debut album?!
Tony C wrote on September 08, 2006
In the UK we have had quite a few releases of this classic album over the past fifty years. The very first release, on HMV, had a different track listing to the US version. This was re-released in 1972 on RCA for the first time over here. This was a long awaited release as it had out of print since 1958, and it was produced with a totally different cover to the original. The new cover had a great 1968 photo, and this release is dearest to my heart as it was my introduction to this great LP. This version was re-released in 1981 and 1984, and then in 1985 the UK was graced with our first ever release of "Elvis Presley" with it's original US track listing. The cover wisely reverted back to that of the original 1956 pressing. Since then, we have had it's transfer to CD with this track listing, and then an awful version with bonus tracks from the same era placed between the album tracks completely ruining the flow of the LP. All was put right last year when the bonus tracks were moved to the end of the CD, which was then superceded by the deluxe FTD version. My tally is nine versions since 1956! I like the idea of a picture disc, a first for this LP I believe.
Shakingruud wrote on September 08, 2006
A few years ago there was a fantastic limited edition boxset called ´ELVIS 50´s ´ released by RCA , that included all 5 1950´s albums as a picture disc! Thats what i call a great collection!
ttwiise wrote on September 09, 2006
The box set you mention was an Italian issue and is very hard to come by. in fact i have seen just 1 set for sale on ebay in the last 5 years!
Shakingruud wrote on September 09, 2006
Yes you are right ttwiise. I bought it some 8 years ago, for a huge amount of money! But its really a piece of art!
ElFan wrote on September 09, 2006
Great news! I collect Elvis Picture Discs.