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Another Vietnamese Reissue

September 09, 2006 | Music
Here's the artwork of the newest re-issue from Vietnam of the Elvis compilation "Elvis 2nd To None". As an extra track it contains "Don't Be Cruel".
Source:HT Long
Elvos77 wrote on September 09, 2006
Why not use the original picture instead of of the "retouched"one. What a fake "ElvisSmile". Like he just ate 2 buckets of sauerkraut! Was'nt this picture used in the 50's as a cover of a single?
CD King wrote on September 09, 2006
I think it is quite normal for Japanese releases to touched up Elvis' face to look more Asian, same with Vietnamese I guess. Some of those Spain and Mexican Record Covers from the 70s that I still have, they also touched up Elvis face to look more like a latin lover. Check out Paul Dowling's Record Covers BOOK.
PTCJones wrote on September 09, 2006
That's a great book CD King especially the Jailhouse Rock EP from 1965 on page 53 - Banzai! Curious as to why the back cover has the Blue Hawaii album on it. I know Rock-A-Hula Baby is in the compilation but seems a lot of coverage for one track. The other odd thing is why a track from the previous 30#1's managed to reappear here. Still a nice colourful design though. Don't want to appear a know it all Elvos77 (God forbid there are enough of them here already!), but I think you are right about the picture, it was on the "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" and "Doncha' Think It's Time" U.S. single in '58.
CD King wrote on September 10, 2006
My theory is that in Asian countries it is totally different from the west. The public in Eastern countries will only buy CDs with colorful and attractive covers. And with Elvis looking and touchd up like an Asian, it will sell well. As for BLUE HAWAII record on the back over. It is indeed on the strength of one song Rock-A-Hula-Baby. This song together with the "Blue Hawaii" movie were the biggest Elvis Presley hits ever and even until today BLUE HAWAII is much loved and respected as an Elvis Musical Movie Classic in the Asian circuit.