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Let Yourself Go The Making Of Elvis The Comeback Special

August 29, 2006 | Music
The upcoming FTD release (October) will be titled "Let Yourself Go - The Making Of Elvis The Comeback Special". The CD appears to contain outtakes and a dressing room rehearsal. EPE mentions that both tracklisting and cover art are not final.


The Outtakes:
Trouble / Guitar Man (Opening - Take 6 & 7) - Nothingville (Take 5 & 6) - Let Yourself Go (Part 1 - Take 5 & 6 + Part 2 - Take 2 + Part 3 - Take 6) - Guitar Man (Escape Section 1 - Fast Take 1, 2, 5) - Guitar Man (After Karate Section 2 - Take 1) - Trouble / Guitar Man (After Karate Section 3 - Take 2) - Little Egypt (Take 8) - Big Boss Man (Take 2) - It Hurts Me (First Part - Take 5. Second Part - Take 3) - Guitar Man (Escape 1 - Remake Take 6) - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Gospel Section 1 - Rehearsal Take 1) - Up Above My Head / I Found That Light (Gospel Section 2 - Take 7) - Saved (Gospel Section 3 - Take 4) - If I Can Dream (Take 3 & 4) - Memories (Alternate Vocal Track)

The Dressing Room Rehearsal:
I Got A Woman - Blue Moon / Young Love / Oh, Happy Day - When It Rains, It Really Pours - Blue Christmas - Are You Lonesome Tonight? / That's My Desire - That's When Your Heartaches Begin - Peter Gunn Theme - Love Me - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Blue Christmas / Santa Claus Is Back In Town
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Ton Bruins wrote on August 29, 2006
First of all let me say that I all ready have The Dressing Room Rehearsal. They were released on the bootleg "From Burbank To Vegas" on the "Moon" label back in 1991. Man, that's a long time ago ! Elvis ending "Are You Lonesome Tonight" with the line: "I gaze between your eyes". Lots of talking from the guys and a lot of laughing. Maybe the sound will be better now. And what about the outtakes ? Are they really new ? Can somebody tell ? Because I lost counting all those outtakes.
Steve V wrote on August 29, 2006
Didnt the first FTD release contain the dressing room rehearsals? Are we getting recycled product under new covers from FTD now? Man the well is very dry! PASS!
elvissessions wrote on August 29, 2006
It's a completely different rehearsal from a different day than what was included on the Burbank 68 FTD.
Rusty wrote on August 29, 2006
I would like to know what happened to the promised 'Pot Luck' album in the 7" sleeve format which would have been the last album containing the beautiful early sixties Nashville Sound and there would have been many opportunities for bonus tracks, I really think the 'Comeback Special' has been milked too much now.
shaneleebrown wrote on August 29, 2006
My God, you lot are never satisfied. If they let you pick the exact track listing of every FTD you'd still moan that the cover was wrong. or the disc was black when it should have been silver. or the tracks were in the wrong order. or the timings were left off the track listing on the cd. For goodness sakes folks, quite whinging!
Santa Claus wrote on August 29, 2006
Get youself a freeware audio-ripper. Put your Comeback DVDs in the PC and rip the soundtrack. You now should have enough of this material for five CDs like this one. And you saved 110 Euro! If you don't have the Deluxe 3 DVD set to rip the sound..go and buy it. It should cost only a little more as this stupid fan-fooling 1 CD release. I will no longer support this rip-off. I'm out. This sensless CD is the peak of betraying the fans. Mr. Joergensen: I'm very disappointed. With this series you wanted to kick the bootleggers out of the fan's minds. But despite the fact that you are sitting right at the source..you lost the battle. I wish the times of Bilko and "2001" would come back.
Renan Augusto wrote on August 30, 2006
This is another one to skip. Come on guys, soundboards FTD have plenty to release and some outtakes. Why this release? Why? This is not essential neither necessary. I´ll save my money this time. No thanks.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 30, 2006
Not everyone has "freeware" this or that rip technology. And that dressing room rehearsal *not* been fully released. I haven't been able to find the bootleg anywhere, save the few tracks put out here and there. The bottom of the barrel is approaching, fellows, and with the '68 special, we should enjoy what FTD can put together in an intelligent package. How much more do you really think is left? The outtakes are getting harder to come by and meanwhile many complain about the the soundboards and live shows. Why not smartly assemble what's left from '68? It's all gravy at this point. It's Elvis who retired at the young age of 42, and the FTD imprint does what it can to get around that. Some of us really do love the '68 Special and think this will be a fine release.
elvissessions wrote on August 30, 2006
What's on this disc that was on the DVD set? Besides the rehearsal (obviously not on the DVD), this FTD will be filled with material recorded in the studio in Hollywood, not the material that's on the DVD from the Burbank soundstage. It appears you're confusing masters that were used for lip-synchs with the studio outtakes.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 30, 2006
Good point, 'Sessions. Overall, that any "unreleased" Elvis is being released in 2006 is still cause for celebration. Enjoy it while you can, as we're winding down on such material.
Narek wrote on August 30, 2006
shaneleebrown completely agree with you
Tony C wrote on August 30, 2006
I am unable to "rip" these recordings from the soundtrack of my deluxe DVD set because they are not on there! These are audio-only studio recordings and a previously (officially) unreleased dressing room rehearsal. I too, am astounded by the negative comments regarding this release.
whetherman wrote on August 30, 2006
Although I too already have the dressing room rehearsal listed here I'll still be buying this for possibly better quality sound and definitely for the outtakes. Bring it on!
Marten wrote on August 30, 2006
I personally think this is one of the greatest FTD's in several years. I have the Dressing Room Rehearsal on the LP "Elvis rocks and the girls roll" and I used to listen to it a lot. Glad that it's finally officially released. And I'm really looking forward to the alternate takes on the "studio" songs. I certainly don't buy all the FTD's (far from it) but this one I will get. Does anyone know if Let Yourself Go and It Hurts Me were recorded separately as they were released on A Legendary Performer volume 3, or if Joan Deary just cut them up? I think Let Yourself Go is so much better without the horrible charleston interference. According to the track listning above I will at least get to hear the songs individually. Thanks a lot Ernst! And please bring a 2 CD FTD with Elvis in Concert soon.
Santa Claus wrote on August 30, 2006
If these are the studio-outtakes from the Western Recording Studios, this is an essential release. But still there is no proof of this theory. I only can say that the early Bootlegs "The 68 Comeback Vol 1+2" had a similar tracklisting. This is why (at first) I was so disappointed.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 30, 2006
WOW I d have to say this one would not have bene my guess for the next release, sorry we need nashville 71 ,elvis on tour concert,etc etc, i too thinkled the 68 special has been milked enough,sorry,and again its not complaining,was really hoping for something exciting like nashville 71 or even more outtakes from nashville 70, maybe a soundboard from july 75,as for everything drying up,they have many many many soundboards in the vaults,am i not right? ill buy this release but not with much excitement,
Krutov wrote on August 30, 2006
Santa Claus: If you read the original article from Elvis.com it says that the outtakes are from Western studios.
Germain Tremblay wrote on August 30, 2006
Lord Have mercy! What's happening now? Some years ago, before 1999 ant the arrival of FTD labal, everybody complained that we couldn't get Elvis outtakes or other king of recordings. Now WE, the Elvis fans, have the opportunity, the chance to get all those recordings and it's fantastic. What are you waiting for? FTD, or RCA/SONY, or Ernst Jorgensen can't created new tapes or new recordings. They have what they have and the bottom of the barrel is coming. Why can't you only enjoy what we have, hope more, and say thank you for all the efforts and the fantastic stuff we get. If you don't like a cd, just don't buy it , wait for the next, and stop to complain. Elvis is one of the rare signer in the world to have a collector label. Please, stop being negative and enjoy what we get.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 30, 2006
ITs A opion! maybe people love these sessions, maybe some dont, and yes i have had enough from this for now, as i said ,i will buy it,so i feel i have a right for a oppion,everyone is not going to like every single release,but does that mean they have to be mute untill the next one so they say how great it is because they like it? and what if someone doesnt like that title are they also suppose to be mute untill one they like rolls around, some take this stuff wayy to serios,i dont loose any sleep at night over this stuff,i have more stuff ican loose sleep over,oh back on track,oh yea a nashville 71 or more nashville 70 disc is long overdue as well as elvis on tour concert not being release is a bit shocking,the whole point of a oppion is hoping maybe somebody will read it and get a idea, be more opennminded ,i mean if all we got on here and did was praise everything ,would that not be boring,and let me add that some of my favorite ftd's are made in memphis,jungle room sessions, one night in vegas,nashville marathon etc etc, see i like the 70's elvis,and as ucan see i like many of the ftd releases,and dont foget these cd's are offered to us because they bring in money! thanks for listening and goodnight or aftertnoon!
Germain Tremblay wrote on August 30, 2006
Dear mature_Elvis, don't be so susceptible! I don't aim at you; I'm just telling that the general attitude of MANY fans (not you particularly) is so often negative. I don't say, either, that we have to like every FTD cd; I even don't say that everything recorded by Elvis must be venerated and that we must love every song that comes from the Elvis mouth. I'm just saying that we are lucky to have such a collectors label and that we can't expect again lot of gems from the vaults because we are reaching the bottom of the well. When a cd doesn't please us, so just lets' wait for the next, coma. We could say thanks for all the efforts made by Jorgenson and Cie. When we don't like a cd, we don't buy it. we like, we do. And I hope that we could have many other cds, books, dvds or other projects from FTD because it's so exciting, most of the time.
John Hodges wrote on August 30, 2006
It wasn't that many years ago when many of us spent hours researching, writing letters (thank God for the internet) and trading very average audio tapes (I still have 600+) When Fort Baxter released 'Just Pretend' we were all blown away "a soundboard recording!!!" I'm sat hear at my computor, looking up at my shelves full of superb quality concert recordings and outtakes from just about all of Elvis' studio sessions, and not forgetting the excellent dvd footage i have at hand. It's now August 2006 and we are still receiving new recordings from BMG, amazing. Ernst and Co have done us all proud and deserve our full support. Of course the company are going re-issue certain packages, it's a business after all. The larger the revenue from the Elvis product issued the more insentive to fro BMG to develope new product for us all. Just sit back and look at we've all had a chance to purchase in the last decade, we've come a long, long way, Elvis would be so proud. Ernst keep it comin' and we all can keep our fingers crossed that he can uncover a few more gems lost in the vaults. I'm sure we will also be suprised by a few privately held recordings in the coming years, they're out there. Come on guys , weve got it good :)
genedin wrote on August 30, 2006
once again i must say to all the negative people,stop complaining. you do not need to buy every ftd that comes out, this is not a record club. i swear if i was someone incharge id think your the majority of the people and stop making these cds. i think all and any are welcome
PTCJones wrote on August 30, 2006
I agree with you mature_elvis. We take things far too seriously on this website and some here are always in the wings ready to criticize or contradict writer's opinions. It's Human nature that some people will love this release others will not, but it's great to see the differing outlooks. It drives me crazy though when I see terms like "if you don't like it, don't buy it". If everybody stopped complaining this would truely be a crappy site and I think the execs at Sony are more interested in return figures than people's opinions.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 31, 2006
Liking or not ikeing releases does not tell if a person is a negative or postative person,as for me ,i have mentioned as i always do,i love many ftd's the dont buy it if u dont like it saying is so overused, and im sortry but i cant quite get the meaning,its like saying well if u dont like something dont give your oppion or suggestion just stop buying all together,but then the label would go under if everyone who didnt like a release just stopped buying because they have to like or agree with every release, as i said this stuff is taken too serios, and as i stated also, i WILL buy this release,just otghers id be more excited about,and for the record i am a postative person,but this is music not one of the most serios things in life,so i dont take it with the serioes as some, although i dont just spout off with out any knowledgoe of what im talking about, and i cant understand how someone says they would think the people who dont like every releaseisare the majority and stop making these cd's ,so they dont pay attention to sales,just suggestions,or so called complaints? alrighty then but with all this said,i take all this in stride,we all have oppions. As for us being happy that a;pt more elvis stuff is out than before, of course were glad for that,but doesnt mean were all gonna agree with every release, wouldnt this be a boring world if we all thought the same or had same oppions! just have fun people
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 31, 2006
I am sorry for the bad spelling etc, been a long day!
Mark wrote on August 31, 2006
Why are some people arguing on this cd i for one would be happy to get it? Any cd we get with unrelese songs should be great!! Like the Dressing room Rehearsals this would be one of the main reasons i would get this one.
Martin DJ wrote on August 31, 2006
Some people seem to prefer an uninspired Elvis on yet another soundboard to a very inspired Elvis on these session-outtakes. Those people were too upset to notice the inclusion of an unknown track (I Found That Light)!
PTCJones wrote on August 31, 2006
Yes Martin, could be interesting. Also, "That's My Desire" and "Young Love" are there too. I got a feeling though that they are either instrumental, backing vocals or Elvis humming between takes. Looking forward to it nevertheless.
Steve V wrote on August 31, 2006
Elvis was very inspired (prob the most of his career) during the taping of this special. This should be a great CD. Better than most!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 31, 2006
I for one didnt say i wanted a soundboard although i like some of them,i think ftd choices for soundboards could have been better on some releases, im more interested in things like nashville 70,71,more stax sessions,vegas feb 72 multi track recordings,elvis on tour concerts,i dont see anyone arguing,or saying there in distress over this release,there just giving there oppions ,maybe ill be surprised by the cd contents!
shaneleebrown wrote on August 31, 2006
I Found That Light isn't unreleased. It is the "bridge" between Up Above My Head and Saved (I;m gonna stand up tall and open up my eyes etc)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 31, 2006
Now you went and took away all my happiness,darn you!
whetherman wrote on September 01, 2006
PJones, "Young Love" and "That's My Desire" are indeed Elvis singing but they are both very brief.
Ronaldv wrote on September 01, 2006
the first time I read this news it was disappointing for me.... but let's hear the cd first and give a reaction then. the songlist looks interesting to me. I think we'll have to wait for more details about this release
Theo wrote on September 04, 2006
Wow! That's what I first thought when I read the article. Finally, an official release of the second dressing room rehearsal and another 15 unreleased performances. That's great. Tunzi wrote in his book that a lot of bits and pieces recorded for the TV special were unreleased and would make a great FTD-cd if properly edited together and here it is (or at least seems to be). Then I read the the reactions on the article. It amazes me how some people bash cd's they haven't heard and say performances can be ripped from the recently released DVD, without checking with sessions books or sites. Why not do a little research before giving your opinon? Although there's a lot to be desired (I am also waiting for Special Editions DVD's of EOT and Elvis In Concert and Nashville '71 outtakes), I'm sure that these will be released eventually. For now, I'm just looking forward to this great new FTD-release.
PTCJones wrote on September 10, 2006
I'm not sure that it is the release per-say that people have a problem with. It maybe because we have had lots of this material already and it would be nice to perhaps absorb what we have and go in a different direction. Don't get me wrong this is fabulous stuff, but I see many people say the well is drying up or the barrel is almost empty and I want to be able to look forward to this quality unreleased material in the future. Since the excellent "Memories" CD was released in 1998, we have had "Tiger Man" the same year, "Burbank '68" in 1999, The phenomenal 68' Comeback DVD in 2004, the not so wonderful single disc version of the same name this year and now this CD. I know we have never had it so good, but if the Elvis legacy is to continue as successfully as it has, I think this monumental, quality stuff should be better paced. I'm not an advocate of just releasing unreleased material for the sake of it and I would like to see maybe a pause just so I can catch up. If pressed though, I would like to see perhaps a Stax compilation or some more early 70's studio takes (if they exist) like the Nashville Marathon for example.
JerryNodak wrote on September 10, 2006
PJones: I agree with you.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 11, 2006
I agree,i do think they have plenty left to release,i mean ifn othing else you have the soundboards,personally a cd like this just doesnt excite me, sure ill buy, but i like your idea about a cd of stax outtakes,and nashville 70,71