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James Burton Gives Away

September 01, 2006 | People
It's no secret that James Burton has his heart on the right place. Elvis's former lead guitarist has just donated 600 guitars for a children's musical project. James raised the money during the James Burton Guitar Festival in Shreveport, August 2005. The James Burton International Guitar Festival was created to help raise money for the James Burton Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to providing musical scholarships and instruments to children as well as young adults.
E.J.F... wrote on September 01, 2006
Dig it James, dig it! Well done indeed. Elvis will be proud.
Devon wrote on September 01, 2006
Way to go buddy, Elvis would oh sorry Elvis is proud!!!!
bray1977 wrote on September 04, 2006
Well done James, what a lovely thing to do.
Narek wrote on October 26, 2006
Exactly! Way to go, James. Music to the masses!