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Elvis Cadillac For Sale

August 29, 2006 | Other
You don't often hear of ex-Elvis Presley Cadillacs coming up for sale at a UK auction, but that's what's going to happen in Derbyshire on September 12/13. The auction sale in Buxton will feature a white 1960 Cadillac Coupé DeVille which is believed to have covered just 76,099 miles since it was built and owned by Elvis Presley. Estimated sale price is between 22.500 and 35.000 euro.
Aarons wrote on August 30, 2006
In the UK we don't use euros. We use pounds. And we use miles not kilometers. just letting you on a little secret
PTCJones wrote on August 30, 2006
Amazing to think that such an important historical item is going under the hammer at such a low price. Wish I could afford it.
Classof1958 wrote on September 01, 2006
Aarons, you are absolutely correct that the Pound is the official currency in England. It is also true you folks measure distance in kilometers. The Cadillac in question was built in the United States, and the odometer registers miles not kilometers. I also agree with Pjones, the estimated price is quite surprising.