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Altered By Elvis DVD Released

August 23, 2006 | Video
The documentary DVD "Altered By Elvis" from Vinyl Foote & Blarma Productions has been released on DVD. It contains "8 stories about one man...who changed their lives... forever!" according to the press kit.


Altered By Elvis is a documentary exploration of lives deeply and permanently affected by Elvis Presley. As a society we know everything there is to know about Elvis Presley, but what about those he left behind?

Altered By Elvis follows those who have been imprinted, fathered, fulfilled and even destroyed by the King of rock and roll. The love for Elvis is contagious, and everyone knows someone that claims to be – “Elvis’ number ONE fan”. However,what if we dig much deeper to find the untold stories of the people he left behind... the ravages of pop culture. We will follow these individuals home and show the viewer their own lives. How they literally walk with Elvis - in his shadow, with his ghost and in his light - still to this day. We will hear Larry Geller’s recounting of styling Elvis’ hair for the star’s funeral and hear about the outrageous tales of devotion from fans ... and the reason why Jimmy hates Elvis. Most certainly we will see what it is like to have been truly Altered By Elvis.

Interviewes are Paul Macleod (fan), Vicky Fritz (moved to Memphis for Elvis), Larry Geller (former Memphis maffia), The Huzzies (fans), Jimmy And Jesse Lee Denson (grew up with Elvis), Dixie Locke Emmons (former girlfriend), Ray "Stingray" Fitzpatrick (tribute artist) and Alfred Wertheimer (photographer).