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Uri Geller vs. Freeman And Hazen update

August 17, 2006 | People
The bankrupttcy court re-hearing for Mike Freeman and Cindy Hazen still set for 17 August, in Memphis. Meanwhile, Uri Geller, the Londoner who thought he has bought the Freeman and Hazen house on Audubon Drive, has filed a lawsuit in U. S. District Court in Memphis against Freeman and Hazen for breach of contract. The word "fraud" appears frequently in the filing papers. The papers were served this week to Freeman/Hazen. Uri Geller and his two partners have employed one of the very top legal firms in Memphis to represent them according to Bill Burk.
Source:Elvis Information Network
sunrecords56 wrote on August 17, 2006
Looks like the 3 Stooges got taken for a ride......Uri Geller should have looked further into his Crystal Toilet Bowl (american Standard).....now you can see that he cant see anything time for a Royal Flush for Uri on the 2nd floor of Graceland..
Crawfish wrote on August 21, 2006
Rotten time for Mike and Cindy; and shame UG can't see that he was never welcome! Maybe we could have all told him something for a change! :)
Mystery Rider wrote on September 28, 2006
We need more information on whats going on...surely Uri can see better than we can.