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Tickle Me Released In Hollywood Classic Series

August 13, 2006 | Video
Released in the "Hollywood Classics" series is the movie "Tickle Me". This release is region free and NTSC standard.

From the information we received:

The picture quality is definitely best available as far. Much better than on previous VHS versions. Picture is sharper and colours are more realistic than before. The format of the picture is nearly 14:9.

Also the sound is much better than on previously released "Charro" movie - less hiss, real hi-fi quality. However there are some drop-outs in sound in the fist minutes of the movie- acceptable due to the age of the material.

The DVD is again equipped with bonus material - nice picture gallery and - chapter for every songs - nice touch, you can go directly to any song included in the movie. The moving menu itself is very impressive. The cover is of a standard quality, in the line of Hollywood Classics releases.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on August 13, 2006
Why on earth do they bother with this low par film.
PTCJones wrote on August 13, 2006
If it's NTSC, why does it have a BBFC certificate on the cover? I think I will hold out for a proper version, whenever that is, I have been burnt too many times.
E.J.F... wrote on August 14, 2006
Awful cover, wrong screen ratio and picture & sound probably not at par with the previous official releases. Just like "Charro" I will skip this one too until a decent transfer is finally released which, at the rate things are going, will not happen in my lifetime! Shame.
emjel wrote on August 14, 2006
I think you'll find this is a bootleg. No film company worth anything would allow a film to be released with sound dropouts on it. Wait until Warners put theirs out next year.
elvis-finland wrote on August 16, 2006
This was good DVD; picture quality was OK, sound also OK and extras fine; no trailer but song selection, picture gallery and nice information about movie. Much better quality than you have seen on VHS tape.
Tony D. wrote on August 17, 2006
Does anyone know where to obtain this in the UK? Can't find it on the net.