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August 15, 2006 | Other
Last week we asked you if you bought one or more copies of the new "Genre" CD releases "Live", Movies" and "R&B". Not many fans did, only 20 percent bought a copy while a big majority of 80 percent skipped these re-releases.

This week we want to know if you spent Elvis Week in Memphis.
JimmyCool wrote on August 15, 2006
I really don't think 20% bought those CD's... I think some people here try to please by saying they bought this and that... they liked certain CD or whatever... I'm pretty sure now many of them will press YES in the next poll and they've never been in Memphis...
Mielvis wrote on August 15, 2006
Not this year but certainly next!!!
JerryNodak wrote on August 15, 2006
In Memphis for Elvis week? Are you kidding!! I've got a daughter with 3 years left of college. Priorites, priorities!!
see see rider wrote on August 15, 2006
Well I can tell you I WAS one of the 80% that didn't buy any of the new compilation CD's and voted "No I won't be buying"..And unfortunately won't be in Memphis.
tigerpawl wrote on August 16, 2006
If you are in Memphis I really dont think you would be looking at this website since you would be in Memphis doing Elvis Events. This is not a fair poll. The question should be next week "Who went to Memphis for Elvis Week?
flowerchild wrote on August 17, 2006
I went to Graceland in July of this year and I really enjoyed seeing everything there was to see about Elvis. It was a dream come true for me being a fan forever!!Sorry I miss Elvis week but will always treasure my trip to Memphis.