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Elvis ... The Magazine 2006

August 06, 2006 | Book
Here is the cover of "Elvis ...The Magazine" which is licensed by EPE and published by Darwin Lamm. The publication began in 1988 and has grown to nearly 86,000 subscribers worldwide. The magazine is published bi-annually with a Birthday Edition and an Anniversary Edition.
Source:Elvis The Magazine
TCBCOLLECTOR wrote on August 14, 2006
This magazine terrible. It used to come out 4 times per year, but then when Darwin began to make "changes" to the magazine, he cut back to only 2 copies per year. All this while raising the subscription rate, and cutting back on the relevant content. He uses blurry, and badly posted Ed Bonja photos, and they are alomst the same in every issue. Either Elvis wearing the "Indian Feather" suit from 1976, or photos of Elvis in Elvis On Tour. The article are nothing more that EPE propoganda (in my opinion). I would recommend Essential Elvis Magazine any day for less cost, more issues, and a more comprehensive content.