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Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 2

August 05, 2006 | Video
Joe Tunzi's JAT Productions is still working on their video documentary project ''Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 2'', shown here is the cover art of this release. The DVD is intended to be released in early 2007. You can still participate in our interview with Joe Tunzi, e.g. on this project, >> just e-mail us << your question and we'll make sure Joe Tunzi gets it.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Santa Claus wrote on August 05, 2006
In Vol. 1 he ruined all the footage with his pink and red overlays. They filled almost 1/3 of the screen. Worthless to me.
Steve V wrote on August 07, 2006
I agree - was hoping volume 1 would blow me away. Some nice clips, but overall not worth the hefty price.