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Elvis - The Ed Sullivan Show

July 31, 2006 | Video
Here is the cover art of the Image Entertainment release of "of The Ed Sullivan Show - Elvis Presley" which is due November 21, 2006.

This will cost $29.99 SRP, and besides all 3 episodes featuring Elvis Presley, there will be a number of Elvis extras

- A rare home movie capturing a very early Elvis performance, shot on April 24, 1955, at Magnolia Gardens near Houston, Texas
- Elvis and Ed remembered
- Elvis is on his way! Ed Sullivan Show clips
- Special Elvis moments, including appearances by Colonel Tom Parker
- Home movies of Elvis and Priscilla, Elvis and his friends cutting up on a film set and some of the first shots of daughter Lisa Marie.


Share the excitement of Elvis Presley's earth shattering introduction to the nation in these three unforgettable episodes from The Ed Sullivan Show, now on DVD for the first time ever, and experience for yourself why Elvis became the legendary King of Rock and Roll! Appearing on the show Sept. 9, 1956, Elvis sent shock waves through a repressed nation with his soulful singing, wild hip gyrations and raw energy, attracting a record-breaking TV audience of more than 60 million people. Presley returned on Oct. 28, 1956, continuing to provoke ecstatic screams with hits such as "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender" and "Hound Dog." In fact, these exhilarating performances were so explosive that Elvis was filmed above the waist during his final Sullivan show appearance on January 6, 1957.

From the TV Shows On DVD site:

The Ed Sullivan Show (originally called "The Toast of the Town" for the first seven seasons, before the name change for the rest of its 23 years on the air) is a legendary program in the annals of television history. One of the landmark events during the course of the show was the introduction of Elvis Presley, the future King of Rock And Roll. This will now be released on DVD.

Sullivan's deal with Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, created national headlines. The sexual energy of Presley's first appearance on 9 September 1956 jolted the staid, Eisenhower conformism of Sullivan's audience. By his third and final appearance, Elvis was shot only from the waist up, but Sullivan learned how to capture a new audience for his show.
Source:TV Shows On DVD - Sullivan - Elvis
Sean Ryan wrote on July 31, 2006
Its been a long time coming.A 'must have' for any fan, and anyone else, come to that.
Steve V wrote on July 31, 2006
Essential, essential, essential!
CD King wrote on July 31, 2006
If only these footages were filmed in COLOR, that will be the ultimate. Since the cover art features "touched up color" photos from the Rehearsals, did they actually filmed the Rehearsal Shows? Anyhow, this should be a great DVD.
Poffe wrote on August 01, 2006
Track-listing, please, or at leat more detail about the content. Will there be three complete shows, or just exerpts of Elvis' performances. I will propably buy this release anyway because in either case this DVD seams to be something out of the ordinary.
peacock wrote on August 01, 2006
Hmmm...this really sounds great but the thing that worries me is that our "old friend" Andrew Solt with his company SOFA Entertainment is the owner of the SULLIVAN tapes. So i would rather have him release the shows, but hey let's hope IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT has made a deal with Andrew on this release.
emjel wrote on August 01, 2006
Yes, how "official" is this release? We don't want another Charro!!
EPE wrote on August 03, 2006
In partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises, this release is from Sofa Entertainment, the owner of the Ed Sullivan Show catalog. The distributor, Image Entertainment, unexpectedly posted information and cover art on their site before the distribution contract was finalized. (Apparently, they're very excited about it, which is great.) Within a couple of days, we'll have our announcement to the Elvis fan base posted in News on Elvis.com along with content details not included in the Image Entertainment posting. This is a very exciting release. November 21, 2006 is the release date as things now stand. But, there is a possibility that it could be held until January 2007 to take advantage of Elvis Birthday publicity and the 50th anniversary of the "waist up" appearance by Elvis on Sullivan. Sofa, EPE and Image will determine that soon. Getting to see all the Elvis footage from Sullivan and seeing it in the context of the shows in their entirety is quite an experience. You'll be able to choose to watch the entire shows or click to "Play all Elvis performances." There will be very good bonus features, too. It is our fond hope that this will be successful enough that the owners of the other shows Elvis made guest appearances on will want to do releases of their Elvis episodes.
sunrecords56 wrote on August 05, 2006
remember seeing them all on my fathers TV,,,,,,will be nice seeing them complete,,,,i have some old vhs copies from the 80,s i hope these are better,,,,,,ready teddy is the BEST OF THE LOT..............the Boss is at his best in this 50's complete act