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Elvis Presley - A Biography

July 28, 2006 | Book
Set for release on November 30, 2006 is a biography written by Kathleen Tracy (who also wrote "The Boy Who Would Be King: An Intimate Portrait Of Elvis Presley By His Cousin" - 1990 - ISBN: 1578150663) The book entitled "A Biography" will be published by Greenwood Press (ISBN: 0313338272).

Synopsis from the publisher:

"Almost 30 years after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most influential performers and recognized pop culture icons the world over. His then-unprecedented musical style-a fusion of blues, country, pop, bluegrass, and gospel-ushered in the age of rock n' roll and paved the way for generations of musicians and singers to follow. A diverse array of performers-from The Beatles to Bruce Springsteen-cite Elvis as an integral musical influence and inspiration.

Not only did Elvis usher in a new genre of music, he also came to represent the growing dissatisfaction young people had with the mores and conventions of the restrictive 1950s. At a time when the top pop stars were Pat Boone and Andy Williams, Elvis' blatant sensuality on stage and his smoldering presence off it made him the anti-establishment poster boy. This biography offers a seldom seen glimpse into the life and career of Elvis, tracing his family life, musical career, films, and legacy. The volume closes with a timeline and bibliography. Today, the King lives on in popular culture-on Top 20 lists, in film and television, on the radio, in cyberspace, and yes, even in the countless performances by Elvis impersonators throughout the world."
Source:Elvis Club Berlin
MauriceColgan wrote on July 28, 2006
It looks like it will be a respectful book about Elvis. Timely news for the 29th Anniversary. Which reminded me of the Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary Declaration. "We, the world nation of Elvis Presley fans hold these truths to be self evident. Never in the history of popular music has one man shown so much versatility in the expession of song. Furthermore no individual singer has so dominated the imagination of the global population to such an extent, that 25 years after his death, his name is still used as the standard all entertainers use to measure their own success. Elvis, as he is fondly remembered by hundreds of millions, continues to appeal to generations born since his untimely passing. His recordings still sell by the million and more than a thousand books have been written about all aspects of his phenominal life and his continuing, albeit postumous, career. Never in the history of popular music has an entertainer been so cruelly denigrated by so many scribblers with nothing but malice in their ink. Yet inspite of their constant jibes, Elvis Presley remains the paramount figure in the world of entertainment and continues to touch the lives of countless millions. We his long suffering fans no longer need to cringe at the gratuitous and facetious comments made by certain media presenters and their ilk, for no matter what they in their ignorance say, we know Elvis Presley was the finest ever popular singer - a man of extreme generosity of spirit, and even considering his failings, he was still a far superior human being when compared to his mediocre detractors- comparitively few as they are! Wherever there are discerning ears, eyes to appreciate beauty, an ability to discriminate and minds open to reason, you will find fans of the late, and sadly missed, Elvis Presley. Elvis in all his extravagance, flamboyance, and zest for life did what none of the other singers quite managed to achieve. Like Andrew Lloyd Webber was heard to say on a BBC radio show, "Elvis Presley brightened up the world". Now having topped the majority of recent Polls put out by world's media, Elvis Presley remains the most important name in popular music -an undeniable fact." "O Death Where Is Thy Sting, Twenty Five Years Dead, and I'm Still the King!". Elvis Presley? (With Apologies to Sir Ronald Ross 1857-1932) Maurice Colgan. March 2002."
Bill E. Burk wrote on July 28, 2006
"The Boy Who Would Be King ... By His Cousin." Are we talking about "Cousin" Earl Greenwood here? If so, he's no more a "cousin" of Elvis' than I am to Attila the Hun!When "Cousin" Earl Greenwood's book came out, we printed two full pages of the "misrepresentations" "Cousin" Earl had in his book. Warning enough?