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Let It Roll Has Been Released

July 20, 2006 | Music
The latest CD release from the Madison label, entitled "Let It Roll" has been released. This release contains alternate studio recordings from the 1970’s, and as a bonus is an unreleased live version of "Help Me" has been included.

Track listing:

It's Midnight (rehearsal*) December 10, 1973/It's Midnight (take 1*) December 10, 1973/Bosom Of Abraham (alternate take*) June 9, 1971/I'm Leavin' (master take 8, unedited) May 20,1971/Always On My Mind (take 2, unedited) March 29, 1972/Always On My Mind (take 3, unedited) March 29, 1972/Promised Land (take 5, unedited) December 15, 1973/My Way (master take 1, original 1971 mix) June 10, 1971/ Johnny B. Goode/O Holy Night (jam*) May 18, 1971/Patch It Up (master take 8, unedited) June 8, 1970/Help Me (live multi-track*) May 3, 1977/Without Love (take 1) January 22, 1969/Without Love ( takes 2*,3,4 ) January 22, 1969/Without Love (master take 5, undubbed) January 22, 1969

* previously unreleased
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Ciscoking wrote on July 20, 2006
Essential release..no more...no less..despite some wrong take numbers.. Carry on Madison..
Elvos77 wrote on July 20, 2006
Just got it , and the sound is amazingly good! "keep buying them records" This is such a great label they should name a arena after it:-))
King1935 wrote on July 21, 2006
This is a great release. Sound is very good. The cd play and play ....
CD King wrote on July 21, 2006
Excellent CD. Madison label sure delivers! More please.
stayaway wrote on July 21, 2006
A really great cd. The unreleased track Help me is very emotional to listen to.
Devon wrote on July 24, 2006
Would like to know how i can get it here in Michigan,sounds like a winner
stayaway wrote on July 25, 2006
Hello Devon, Check out ebay