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Jerry Hopkins Book Updates

July 17, 2006 | Book
This book will be a small size hardcover book which for 50% will be filled with photographs. For this book Jerry Hopkins is still looking for photo's. If you have photographs you want to share, you can contact the publisher / author through this address: info@elvisinhawaii.com.

His U.K. publisher (Plexus) will combine two of his earlier biographies into a new biographical release with several additional chapters dealing with the 25 years after his death. This book is set for release in 2007.
Source:Elvis In Hawaii
Tony C wrote on July 18, 2006
Hopefully somebody has told Jerry that Hawaii is not spelt Hawai'i! I have enjoyed Jerry's previous books and I look forward to any new work from him.
SuziB wrote on July 18, 2006
Hawai'i is actually the correct name of the islands. But is usually used without the apostrophe. There are many places, including the volcanic National Park, which still use the correct spelling.