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Humes Gets Makeover Fit For A King

July 22, 2006 | Other
Humes High School is getting a gift from the King of Rock and Roll. A new music and media center is being built at Humes Middle School, Elvis Presley's Alma Mater. Humes principal Michael Bates says the room will be used to teach the kids about where they live.
Bates says, "Well, we plan on using it this school year as a part of our performing arts as well as our history programs, so we can kind of tie in our geographic location to Downtown Memphis and Memphis music."

The room will be done in time for back-to-school on August 14th. It will also be an attraction for fans visiting Memphis during Elvis week next month.

Elvis Presley Enterprises has partnered with the Memphis City Schools' 'Adopt-a-School' program. It has been helping Humes since the 1980's.
Source:Elvis Australia
Teacher wrote on July 23, 2006
It's about time?? The article says EPE has been supporting Humes since the 1980's and you say it's about time? Give EPE a break!!
Bill E. Burk wrote on July 27, 2006
A bit of personal history regarding myself and Humes. 1st, all of my uncles and aunts attended Humes High before I was born, so I hold somewhat of a closeness to the school. In 1987, Humes Middle School (as it had then become known) said it needed new stage curtains in the Elvis Auditorium. Wanting to help, I planned a special little 32-page "magazine" about Elvis' years at Humes and I would charge $3 per magazine and give $2 for each sale to the school. Well, that same summer I finished my first book, ELVIS: THRU MY EYES, and put out a special 40-page edition of ELVIS WORLD magazine, and ran out of time. AFTER Elvis Week 1987, I said, "Well, I've got time now, do a bigger magazine." But TIME never showed up. Eventually, I would write a book, EARLY ELVIS: THE HUMES YEARS ... and that evolved into the EARLY ELVIS trilogy (TUPELO YEARS, SUN YEARS), which, according to our source, is ranked in the Top 20 of some 2000+ Elvis books out there.
Crawfish wrote on August 05, 2006
Humes is a fabulous place and there are a hell of a lot of people that know of it only through Elvis. Well said Teacher!.... People are too quick to knock EPE and not acknowledge its work! (Sorry, I know that will offend some friends here!)