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Update The 25th Anniversary Concert DVD

July 11, 2006 | Video
From a press release on the EPE site: Coming Home Music has found that they need more time in setting up full retail distribution of the DVD. The PBS affiliate airings/offering have been rescheduled for sometime in December. The general release date and full retail rollout has been rescheduled for January 2006. However, as the DVD and its packaging will be complete within the next couple of weeks, Coming Home will be able to provide product to Graceland/EPE for its retail operations - the shops at Graceland and ShopElvis.com - starting in early August 2006 as planned.

Coming Home Music continues to pursue possible television airings in addition to PBS affiliates.

As an Elvis Week event special "world premiere" screenings of the DVD will be held on the evening of August 14th at Malco's Studio On The Square theatre. Tickets are free. You can enjoy this concert on the big screen in 5.1 sound with the theatre's excellent sound system. See the August 14th section of the Elvis Week 2006 calendar for details about the screening.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Big Al wrote on July 11, 2006
The only problem with being sold only at Graceland and shop.com from August is that Ebay will be flooded with home made copies until January.
Pedro Nuno wrote on July 11, 2006
General release in January... It makes sense to an idiot, since the sales of Christmas are gone! Are they sleeping??
gilesm wrote on July 11, 2006
I think someone has their dates mixed up... January 2006 is long since past ! I guess they mean January 2007 ! To quote from the EPE message. "The general release date and full retail rollout has been rescheduled for January 2006". Getting basics like this wrong is just sloppy and does EPE no credit.
Justin wrote on July 11, 2006
Give 'em a break...you know..the only reason they're still releasing it in August are for those fans that start whining once they hear something's delayed. The ones that will email EPE asking/demanding/complaining about how now we have to wait till January to get the DVD. I think EPE in the last couple years have realized how demanding and caring Elvis' fans are and they know that we require a great amount of detail, attention and faithfulness towards Elvis so they know that anything that they do will be taken hard on us, the fans. They've been keeping their website as informative as possible...(in my opinion--wishing to be as good as elvisnews.com) and always be the first to say that if they hear something about anything they'll post it on their website. They know us.
Lefty wrote on July 13, 2006
A CD of the show to be sold with, or at least offered in addition to, the DVD would be great. Is there any word on that?
PTCJones wrote on August 05, 2006
No disrespect intended, but unless you actually see the show live, aren't you really defeating the object? All of the tracks are pretty much available on DVD in 5.1 now and I would rather see all of Elvis than a giant screen turned on it's side. Is it a different version than the other concerts?