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College Park

July 14, 2006 | Music
According to EIN there is a rumour that the Straight Arrow label will release the 'College Park 27th September '74' concert. It will be a good quality audience recoring. Following on from their release 'Going Back In Time' Orlando, Feb 15, 1977, it is believed that they have obtained the original complete concert tape and that it is in good quality.

From EIN: Previously this has only been available on a bad quality audience-recording delightfully named, 'All Gut In College Park'. However having the concert with good sound quality we find the show isn't actually as bad as expected with Elvis pulling off fine versions of 'How Great Thou Art', 'It's Midnight' and others. He certainly wasn't a well man but it is an infamous performance in Elvis' concert legacy. The release will surprise many, and it will come with a CD booklet featuring photos from the show, many previously unpublished.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Ton Bruins wrote on July 14, 2006
My curiosity will win , I guess....lol. Elvis not well in this show is an understatement.
Hans Otto wrote on July 14, 2006
According to Tunzi's Sessions III book, Sony/BMG has a soundboard recording of this concert in it's vaults. But I guess they will never release it, as this was one of Elvis' worst shows ever. I'm therefore looking forward to getting the chance to upgrade the my present CD-R All Gut In College Park. This is the concert that marked the tragic and final three year downfall of the King. In other words; A historic Must-have for all serious Elvis collectors.
Ciscoking wrote on July 14, 2006
I just say.... interesting....let`s wait and see.