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Graceland Character Remains

July 03, 2006 | Other
A massive overhaul to the Graceland complex that was announced last winter is still in the works, but "there's no specific timetable set," said Kevin Kern, spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Media mogul Robert F.X. Sillerman got control of the late singer's name and likeness in 2005 after paying out $100 million, according to a story in The New York Times. In March he announced plans to overhaul Graceland, which receives about 600,000 visitors annually, into a destination that would attract many more patrons.

In particular, plans to tear down the 128-room Heartbreak Hotel and replace it with an entertainment complex, two 400-room hotels and restaurants, is still on the drawing board, said Kern. But don't expect the shag carpeting in the mansion's Jungle Room to be taken up and replaced with hardwood floors, the spokesman said.

"The house is a national landmark. You don't make changes like that. You don't change a national landmark,'' said Kern. "There's always the process of maintaining a place, but that doesn't mean you have to make changes. You clean it up. You trim the trees and change out plants, but you don't change the house. Graceland mansion will always be like it was."
Crawfish wrote on July 04, 2006
I understand Mr. Kerns statement and agree completely with June above, but there is one thing bothering me a little and would be grateful if someone can answer the question please: what truth is there about building a flight of stairs outside Graceland to approach certain rooms upstairs, thereby not altering anything "inside" the mansion? Thanks for any help on this one, which keeps floating around and also which I heard whilst recently in Memphis? Thanks.
sunrecords56 wrote on July 04, 2006
Great open the third floor...URI AND THE OTHER 2 STOOGES can have a Prayer meet in front of the toilet.
efan4ever wrote on July 05, 2006
The second floor of the mansion will never be open to the public And it should not be. Because like the tape says when you take the tour. Elvis greeted his guests downstairs.
Crawfish wrote on July 05, 2006
Completely agree efan4ever! I don't want it open - had just heard about the outside steps(?) And as you say, when you visit, I for one just don't ever feel the need or want to go upstairs! A truly private place for the family and so it should remain!
byebye wrote on July 06, 2006
For anyone curious, there is pictures aviable on the net.. For example Lisa on her "hamburger bed" and also of Elvis´bathroom. Those were taken in the "70s...