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Remember Elvis

June 26, 2006 | Book
Elvis' longtime right-hand man Joe Esposito has a new book about The King coming out entitled "Remember Elvis". It's a compilation of 200 interviews, from Hilton doormen to Steve Wynn, Jerry Weintraub, Dick Clark, Kenny Rogers, and ex-girlfriends, Esposito said.

The book is written in cooperation with Lauren McMullen (designer) and Darwin Lamm (narrator), it is published by TCB Joe Enterprises and hits the book shelves July 4, 2006.


Remember Elvis is an all-encompassing, in-depth look at the life and career of a man whose popularity is unrivalled in the history of show business and who continues to attract millions of new fans each year. This groundbreaking book is brimming with rare interviews, insights and experiences. At the heart of this landmark project are over 200 interviews with many of Presley's most intimate associates, as well as some of the biggest names in the film and recording industries. Joe Esposito spent nearly twenty years as Elvis's confidant, close friend and road manager. Joe helps set the record straight about Presley's private life and career, dispelling the innumerable lies, half-truths and rumors that have evolved over the years.
Source:Elvis Australia

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byebye wrote on June 26, 2006
The cover is more innovative than J. Schillings wertheimer copy. And if I had to choose one, I think I´d pick Joe´s. I believe Jerry (allthough a good guy) leans a bit too much towards what is politically right and acceptable against EPE and "Cilla". -But maybe I´ll read both :)
gary 1 wrote on June 26, 2006
Nearly £26.00 to read what a doorman has to say about Elvis.I don't think so.
Devon wrote on June 26, 2006
If Joe didnt make his money while Elvis was paying him then to bad so sad, why dont they leave him alone. How much can a doorman tell me about Elvis?
newyorknewyork wrote on June 27, 2006
Oh no here we go again.
GeeBee wrote on June 27, 2006
Hope this book has more substance that Joe's last book.
Clambake67 wrote on June 28, 2006
does old buddy Joe discuss how he attempted to sue his good friend Elvis who gave him everything he has today?
vinny wrote on June 28, 2006
come on joe,your better than this
Steve V wrote on June 30, 2006
All in all, Joe is a decent guy and probably the one with the most brains in the whole lot of them. After all he was Elvis' main man for many years. Also, the colonel must have felt the same as he was the only mafia member he truly relied on. Probably why Joe doesnt feel any ill will toward him. Joe didnt have it easy trying to please both!
PTCJones wrote on July 02, 2006
Listening to Elvis radio a lot, my next Memphis Mafia book is going to be by George Klein. This guy was with him from 1948 right to the end. His stories on Friday afternoons are compulsive listening and never has to my knowledge been a hypocrite. I think the book is pencilled in for next year but it would be nice to read a book without the sensationalism I have read from other so called friends and family.
Hans Otto wrote on July 12, 2006
Got this book yesterday. It's a hardcover containing over 450 pages. It seemes it's mainly transcriptions from Joe Espositos eight volum DVD collection The Definitive Elvis, which was banned by EPE a couple years ago.