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Let It Roll

June 26, 2006 | Music
The CD "Let It Roll" will be the next Madison release. It features unreleased '70s alternate takes and unedited studio material in excellent sound quality (all in full stereo) according to the information on the FECC website. Pretty much in the same quality as "Danny Boy'' and ''Funny How Time Slips Away'' on Elvis - A Legendary Performer volume 8. This CD will show the ever-present talent of Elvis in his later period, but also his good humor and dedication while working in studio. The packaging will include a 16 page, illustrated booklet and relevant notes. More details on Let It Roll coming soon. The double CD set "The Elvis Presley Show- Holding Back The Fort" is again delayed and will follow next.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Ciscoking wrote on June 26, 2006
Sounds interesting..hopefully we really get something completely new ...with Madison you usually cannot go wrong..!!
drghanem1 wrote on June 26, 2006
Now this seems like one interesting release, after a long, long wait for something interesting on bootleg.
Devon wrote on June 26, 2006
Oh ya ill be getting this one!!!
ALEXANDRA wrote on July 01, 2006
the girl on the photo was a member of Richard Nixon Office.That day Elvis visited Nixon.Really it`s a great picture,specially cause it`s in color!!!!-