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Who Wins The ElvisMatters Award 2006?

June 13, 2006 | Other
It’s time for the election of the prestigious ElvisMatters Award The silver plaque for “outstanding achievement in the Elvis World” each year goes to a special person who made the Elvis world a better place.

Members of ElvisMatters are allowed one vote. If you’d like to vote to, be sure to join the fanclub first. You can do that by filling out the subscription form on their website. Here are the four nominees for 2006:

* The Imperials (the world’s most beautiful voices)
* Charlie Hodge (posthumously presented in honor of his memory)
* Robert Sillerman (new general manager of Graceland)
* Ernst Jorgenson (driving force behind the superb FTD releases)

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David Brys wrote on June 14, 2006
Robert Sillerman? What has he ever done to Elvis (yet)? Let's give him a few years to see if he really is concerned about our main man before we give any awards to him. For now, I get the opinion that he is more or less like a 'Colonel-Of-The-New-Era': ready to exploit someone to death.
Pedro Nuno wrote on June 14, 2006
Ernst Jorgenson, should win 10 years in a row!