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Website For Charlie Hodge

June 12, 2006 | People
Jennifer Hodge, widow of Charlie, made her own tribute for her "best friend and husband". She designed a site with pictures and memories.

From the website:

My name is Jennifer Hodge and Charlie was my husband and my best friend. I am inviting you into Charlie's world and I would like to keep his memory alive by sharing with you a small part of Charlie or as Elvis called him "Cholly".
Source:Charlie Hodge Official Website

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byebye wrote on June 13, 2006
Nice website! I was glad to see so many different pictures of Charlie. Allthough it took a while for the pics to switch.
Elvisy wrote on June 30, 2006
Beautiful web-site of Charlie Hodge. A reminder of someone so wonderful caring and loyal a person that, Charlie was. To think of Elvis one must see Charlies face too.Its sooooo sad.Well both are up there finally together ONCE MORE!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 01, 2006
one of the good guys around elvis,ever notised how everyone pays more attention to the other guys more than they ever did charlie,people loved to joke about him, yet he did more than the other guys, didnt he? i met charlie several times,he was down to earth and talked about his friend as a friend does, he remembered the good time instead of doing what so many others of the group did,he had class, we miss you charlie!