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Graceland Closes Post Office

June 13, 2006 | Other
The Graceland post officie at the Graceland plaza will closed down soon. Instead will there be build another Elvis souvenir shop at the same spot.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
corey3rd wrote on June 13, 2006
does this mean you can't get your stamp cancelled with the Graceland logo anymore?
Clambake67 wrote on June 13, 2006
Now ill have to mail out my postcards before I leave.Im not looking for a post office in that city.
Teacher wrote on June 13, 2006
Posted on the Elvis Insiders Forum: The post office has been closed. We're moving the "green screen" set-up for photos with Elvis from the CD/DVD store to the post office space. This will free up a lot of space in the CD/DVD store. There'll be a slight remodeling of the post office space for the green screen and other things the merchandise department plans to do in that space. The post office was a nice service to offer, but it didn't get that much traffic and could be put to better use. And some interesting arcade games are going in part of the Souvenirs of Elvis space in Graceland Crossing. (Actually the space formerly known as The Wooden Indian, one wall of which was opened up a good while back to connect it to Souvenirs of Elvis.) Todd/EPE
carolynlm wrote on June 13, 2006
This is very dissappointing.....sending postcards from there was a novelty...maybe they can set up some sort of service during Elvis Week. Getting around Memphis during that time can be difficult if you are with a group. Is there a post office near Beale Street?
Viva wrote on June 13, 2006
A sign of the times folks, get used to it. Of course, the fact that many Elvis(tm) fans gained great pleasure from sending their post from there in order to get the Graceland(tm) postmark will mean absolutely diddly squat to those out of touch money making Scrooges at EPE(tm). Why should they provide something for the fans that doesn't make money when they can utilise the space more effectively to further con the public out it's cash by having "some interesting arcade games" and having more space to display those wonderful Wigs, the limited edition one-of-a-kind (Apart from the other two million) solid gold colour plated record, and not forgetting the invaluable Elvis(tm) bottle openers. Think yourselves lucky they allow BMG to still sell his music. Mind you, if EPE ever get round to the fact that the life of Elvis was actually about music, they'll probably close them down as well. (c)Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, a subsidiary of CKX, a company devoted to destroying the reputation of the worlds greatest ever entertainer.
ttwiise wrote on June 13, 2006
spot on Viva !!!
PTCJones wrote on June 13, 2006
I too am disappointed with this news. I thought some of the souvenirs were really tacky. Elvis Pompadours and plastic sunglasses, sort of thing you find in a joke shop.
DEL BOY wrote on June 14, 2006
Rather than spend money refitting the Post Office, why not spend it on obtaining the Pheonix belt, currently up for auction.Afterall, the real fans would rather see the belt, and be able to buy stamps and have their postcards postmarked at Graceland. This is a true novelty, unlike those cheep tacky items that keep appearing in the numerous similar Gift shops on site. If we have more gift shops let's be presented with replica 1950's style merchandise.
Crawfish wrote on June 14, 2006
Well said Viva (Is that tm'd yet?) .... won't be long and a change of name will be needed! :) Slowly but surely we are losing grip of the merchandise made in "our mans" name. Time for a stand before long. Please, Mr. Sillerman, don't do this to us! And Lisa ....... I always defend you, but please help here!
oldie56~2 wrote on June 15, 2006
This is so sad to see. Decisions today have everything to do with 'revenue' and very little to do with sentimentality.
Viva wrote on June 15, 2006
Crawfish: You used my name once - That'll be £100,000 please. If anyone from EPE reads this page, I would like to ask how can you sleep at night knowing how much damage you are doing to the reputation of Elvis Presley (The man, not the trademark), and your complete lack of regard for the things which Elvis himself stood for and believed in? Elvis would have never taken from the fans in this cynical and uneccessary way.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 15, 2006
The only thing I'm interested in is the Elvis music itself, the movies, concerts, TV & other film performances and maybe some of the biographies. The trinkets & corny novelties they sell in these gift shops, I don't care a thing for. I don't waste my money on that either. One of the most ridiculas Elvis trinkets I've seen that was for sale in one of the Elvis gift shops was a dog food bowl. It had a picture of Elvis & the bloodhound dog from "Kissin' Cousins" in the bottom of the bowl. It was so tacky. I just hope this new gift shop doesn't sell nonsense like that. I think Elvis collectibles are fine if they'll keep them classy & of quality. Selling tacky stuff like Elvis rubber ducks, wigs & dog food bowls is hurting Elvis more than helping.
Helbrown wrote on June 16, 2006
There is a post office just down EP Boulevard, but fans without transport might struggle to get there. I think fans are as upset about the loss of the postmark than anything else. They could at least keep the maildrop so folks could get their cards stamped from Graceland.
Crawfish wrote on June 18, 2006
Hey Viva, Cheque in post from Graceland post office! :)