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Elvis Inspired Tom Jones

June 11, 2006 | People
Sir Tom Jones has revealed Elvis Presley inspired him to become a singer. The veteran star, who shot to fame in the 60s with his hit 'It's Not Unusual' says watching 'The King' as a youngster made him realise what it took to become a star. Tom, who is adored by legions of female fans, insists Elvis taught him that sex appeal was just as important as talent.

"It was the first time I heard 'Heartbreak Hotel'. It gave me hope that I could become a famous performer, too," he was quoted by Femalefirst, as saying, "I knew I had the voice and the flair for it. Of course, Elvis and I became great friends," he added.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Loesje wrote on June 11, 2006
Just like Sir Cliff Richard :-)
Lex wrote on June 11, 2006
Those Sirs can only follow the footsteps of The King. But they did it pretty well...
ger wrote on June 11, 2006
some friend
Mississippi-Flash wrote on June 11, 2006
I am a huge Tom Jones fan too, but I think that Elvis had many 'friends'. Let's just say they admired each other. Elvis onces said that the closest voice to his was Toms. Nice to know that Elvis thought Tom was black after hearing 'What's New Pussycat?'...
ta2k wrote on June 12, 2006
I have no time for this supposed `sir`! TCB
see see rider wrote on June 12, 2006
I'm not really a Tom Jones fan myself....He did however have a couple three song's that I did like though, "She's a Lady", "Puppet Man" and the Theme to "Thunderball" but that was about it.
Steve V wrote on June 12, 2006
I always liked Tom since I first heard 'Unusal' back in the 60's. He has a great voice which Elvis really appreciated cause he sang from the gut. I have met him on several occasions and he was very nice to the fans. I have no problem with him saying he was Elvis' friend but I agree that they probably were more of admirers of each other although there are those photos of Elvis & Tom jamming at Elvis' home in the last 60's. Too bad he wasnt a closer friend in the later years. He needed more 'outside' friends at this time instead of the inner circle.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 12, 2006
I liked Tom in the early day's and singing the soul number's,but these day's no thank's. And with that silly goaty beard that does him no favours.
Sean Ryan wrote on June 12, 2006
I love Tom Jones voice from the 60's/70's but today his voice seems nowhere near as strong as it was. Elvis and Tom very admirers of each other and the reason i think why they werent as friendly as some might think was they both had a massive ego between the two.Tom has always told the truth about Elvis and he doesnt seem to get tired of people asking him what Elvis was like.He never seems bothered about that which shows how much he admired Elvis.
newyorknewyork wrote on June 12, 2006
Tom Jones is pretty good for his age, I know he dyes his hair, but so do I. So did Elvis for that matter. I'm no fan of Tom's though, he just hasn't got the charisma that Elvis had. What ever Elvis had know one has been able to match it, not even at Madam Taussauds!
My boy, my boy wrote on June 12, 2006
Both Elvis and Tom had a lot in common, powerful voice, outstanding live perfomer and none of them wrote their own songs. Although Elvis`s "so-called" private life is now an open book for everyone to see, we all can say that Tom Jones managed to keep some secrets for himself. My favorite song of his is "I`ll never fall in love again", Elvis`s version is not bad either. I`m sure Tom thanks God everyday for never having Colonel Parker as a manager !
richiejordanpops wrote on June 12, 2006
the knights of the round table included "sir" lancelot but even back then there was only one "king"
Martin DJ wrote on June 12, 2006
Tom Jones has his son as a manager, which is probably not a bad deal. As for his voice: check out the version of Howlin' Wolf's Going Down Slow he recorded with Jeff Back and his version of Motherless Child recorded with Portishead. A recent recording with Jools Holland of St. James Infirmary is cool too. We can only speculate as to how Elvis' voice would have sounded today. It seemed to change every few years. When he recorded Blue Moon for Sun you could almost see through the voice. His 1977 version of Hurt could topple buildings.
see see rider wrote on June 13, 2006
There is also a photo of Elvis & Tom live on stage together that was taken at a show that Tom was doing in Las Vegas on August 29th 1974 where Elvis joined him on stage.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 13, 2006
I've seen that photo of Elvis on stage with Tom. I wonder if there is a sound board recording of them together on stage? Does anyone know?
Keriaboo wrote on June 13, 2006
I think some of the comments are a bit unfair on "Sir" Tom. Regards the "Elvis needed more real friends", It is well documented (particularly in the book Careless Love) that Tom Jones tried to contact Elvis in the later years and left frequent messages to be called back - but he Elvis never returned his calls. I think that outside of the inner circle Tom was as good a friend as Elvis would allow (or be allowed) to have. Tom has ALWAYS been nothing but kind and full of praise for Elvis, and has said (on many occassions) how he misses their friendship. I like hbim and admire him as did Elvis so that's good enough for me.
pasa-ryu wrote on June 13, 2006
I am welsh and proud of it!-but i do not like tom jones at-all!! in previous interviews tom jones has seemed to make elvis elvis out as some kind of weirdo or druggy? i am just glad he has finaly admitted if wasn't for elvis he would'nt have a career or be famous! i think people trying to compare tom jones to elvis are mad!-tom jones seems to shout when he sings? where elvis' voice was natural and reached notes almost semi-operatic and did not ever sound strained or forced!-tom jones voice always seemed to sound forced to me?..not like elvis' voice at-all!(why then try and call sir tom jones the "welsh elvis?")
JerryNodak wrote on June 14, 2006
All things considered Tom was a good friend. I've always enjoyed Tom's songs. Especially his early stuff.
Helbrown wrote on June 16, 2006
I like Tom and I think he and Elvis had a mutual respect for each other. Tom has said all along that Elvis influenced him in the early days, and Tom's own residencies in Las Vegas helped to get Elvis back performing. I'm sorry folks, but a lot of what Tom has said about Elvis's behaviour was true, and has been verified by folks who were much closer to Elvis than he was.
Elvisy wrote on July 17, 2006
I think Tom Jones has an amazing voice! Even Elvis thought so thats why when he first heard him, he Elvis thought that Tom was black. Elvis was used to hearing the black sing and that surely was a compliment, as Elvis loved black music which everybody knows. All I can say is if their relationship lasted as friends so long then ,Tom must be real worthy of that. Elvis never ever made friends easily so that must say something of Tom. Everyone traded and are still trading on the king so, if Tom said anything less flattering its only human. or maybe true who knows for sure? But all said and done I love Tom's voice which is rich and very powerful and I've heard him personally and its like thunder!There was a lot of competition no one can deny but remember even John Lennon thought Elvis was everything he was and still is and will always be......The KING! ps.By the way wud luv to know what exactly did Tom say about THE KING??
Pierre@GBG wrote on July 28, 2006
Tom Jones & Elvis have one thing in common, they can sing! My brother was on a Consert with Tom Jones a few years ago but Tom's backup Band couldn't play clean. An amature should lot the key in His/Her's vocal right away but Tom Jones didn't! The only attraction on that Concert was Tom Jones remarkable performance.