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Hound Dog

June 10, 2006 | Book
A new novel by Blandford entitled "Hound Dog" deals with the sad life of an Elvis impersonator. According to the publisher: A brilliantly funny first novel: 'Blandford does for fat, middle-aged, coke-addicted, sex-deviant Elvis imprersonators what Peter Guralnick has done for the man himself' (Niall Griffiths).


Elvis is the premier Elvis impersonator in the whole of the Cambridgeshire region. He's fat and bald and old; partial to cocaine, he sells skunk to the local teenagers; he masturbates five or six times a day, and he hates Elvis Presley. Elvis has been married three times, but, as he says, never for very long. He finds being Elvis a useful way into the beds of Cambridgeshire's bored housewives. Elvis's life starts to go wrong when his backing singers, Gay Elvis and Fat Elvis, mutiny. They love Elvis Presley and want to sing the songs in historical sequence. He replaces them with Buddy Holly, a postman with bladder problems, but the new arrangement is not without its difficulties.

Then Eddie calls to offer the biggest gig yet of Elvis's career. Eddie, a gay gangster who 'looked after' Elvis on one of his stints in prison, wants him to perform at the birthday party of Johnny Brooks, another gangster, even more vicious, who just happens to be married to Elvis's third ex-wife. Without question, the best Elvis-impersonator novel you'll ever read, "Hound Dog" is very very funny and really quite sad. It marks the debut of a formidable new writer.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Jim Hoff wrote on June 10, 2006
Aha!! And the follow-up book is going to be called "Treat me like a fool".........And I've heard the movie is already being planned. Starring: Benny Hill!!
tigerpawl wrote on June 11, 2006
This is sick who wants to read this bull. Why cant writers be postitive and stop all this negativity. My wife is a free lance writer and has written several books in regards to Elvis impersonators and Elvis but they have been positive. This book should be burned.