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Elvis And Juliet

June 08, 2006 | Other
A new Elvis themed play entitled "Elvis and Juliet" is set to debut June 7, 2006 in New York. The play stars TV and film funnyman Fred Willard (Best in Show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”) as “The King” of the Lesley clan, and David Rasche (TV’s “Sledge Hammer,” Moonlight and Magnolias) as his “Rat Pack” lovin’ brother. Also featuring Bridget Clark, Lori Gardner, Warren Kelley, Haskell King, Christy McIntosh, Carole Monferdini, Pamela Paul, and Justin Schultz. The play by Mary Willard is billed as "a comedy about culture clash, family values and a little hunka-hunka burning love."


College sweethearts Juliet Jones and Elvis Lesley’s upcoming nuptials will soon face the truest test of love — watching their two families come together for the first time. Juliet’s from a family of conservative Connecticut academics; Elvis is from a flamboyant Las Vegas clan of “tribute artists.” A comedy about culture clash, family values, and a little hunka-hunka burning love.