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Better Sound Release Million Dollar Quartet

June 06, 2006 | Music
From the latest issue of The Man & His Music magazine: "Set for release this year by BMG (or possibly FTD) is a repackaged version of the famed Million Dollar Quartet recordings. This will come from a much improved tape source and, for the first time, feature the material in its correct sequence. It will also run approximately 12 minutes longer than previous releases. December 4th 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic session, when Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash joined together for the first and only time for a jam session at Sun Records in Memphis".
Source:Magazines: The Man And His Music
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 06, 2006
Excellant news!!!!!!
Steve V wrote on June 06, 2006
now this is worth getting excited about. i hope its not FTD but a normal BMG release.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 06, 2006
Great news ! Improved tape source...sounds good to me. That was a historic event.
Sean Ryan wrote on June 06, 2006
yes it is great news but i would like more info on the tape source and why hasnt it been released before? How long have BMG had this tape source? surely this new tape hasnt just surfaced?
Rob Wanders wrote on June 06, 2006
good news, but that means my third cd of this event. so the question is right: why wasn't it released before?
Lex wrote on June 06, 2006
Finally something to look forward to again!
JerryNodak wrote on June 07, 2006
I'm sure I'll buy it. I'll play it a couple of times and then it will sit on the shelf like the MDQ release back in the '90s(?) I'm glad it's going to be available in better quality. But, excited? Nah.
Tony C wrote on June 07, 2006
Why is it so strange to some that this tape has only just surfaced? It has either been purchased by BMG from an outside source or recently located in their massive tape archive. Logic would state that the copy tape was used in the past because that was the best available source material at the time. Is that not logical or would somebody like to start a conspiracy theory?
Steve V wrote on June 07, 2006
This is a landmark historic event in music history. How can one get excited about Clambake and Camden releases and not this? Please explain.
Tony C wrote on June 07, 2006
You're so right, Steve, this is a landmark recording. Someone on this site recently referred to it as "junk"!
Ton Bruins wrote on June 07, 2006
You are right Steve. No Clambake, but the million dollar quartet. Looking forward to this one really !
Sean Ryan wrote on June 07, 2006
Im pretty certain Johnny Cash wasnt on the recording cause he had left by then.The Million Dollar Quartet was so-called because of the famous picture and not of the recording.
E.J.F... wrote on June 07, 2006
Hey fellas, I wouldn't be too excited about this release until I know exactly what those 12 extra minutes include. The version I have, released in 1987 on Charly Records (CD CHARLY 102) - comprised of 40 tracks - has the last 4 or 5 songs with Jerry Lee Lewis on vocals and Elvis had presumably already left the studio. Mind you, I'm not saying it won't be worth buying again, even if those 12 minutes won't include Elvis. It would still be worth it for the improved sound and for the correct sequence as stated above. Just don't get too ecstatic!
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 07, 2006
Does anyone know why when the Million Dollar Quarter was released in the 1990s, that they didn't release the songs in the proper order? I could tell it was out of sequence back when I first heard it but never understood why they shuffled the order of songs. They've done this alot with Elvis material. So many documentaries have Ed Sullivan introducing Elvis & then they play the wrong song not in sequence with Ed's introduction. But anyway, I'm happy to see the Million Dollar Quartet released in the right order & in improved sound.
JerryNodak wrote on June 07, 2006
I realize that it's a landmark, historic event, but even with improved sound the singer(s)will still be off mike much/most of the time etc. So, while I'm "excited" that it will be available in better sound it's still not something I'll listen to repeatedly. Put another way: Elvis At Sun, another landmark, historic event, sounds great, but I rarely listen to it. I guess it boils down to '50s Elvis is not my favorite period. I came on board in the '60s and stayed through the '70s
RichHolt wrote on June 07, 2006
I would assume that 'Reconsider Baby'(from the 50s box)& 'Don't Forbid Me/You Belong to My Heart'(from 'Today, Tomorrow and Forever)will be included on this, so that will be about 5 of the 12 additional minutes right there.
SPK wrote on June 07, 2006
Hi Everyone, This is great news, but has anybody heard from Ernst regarding the live 56 concert he found. This is the year to put it out as an anniversary concert. How about all the 50's tv shows on DVD. Keep them coming!
corey3rd wrote on June 08, 2006
Johnny Cash told us that he just showed up to get his pic taken and then went back to his hotel. It's still a fun little jam sessioon to listen to. I don't know if it matters to have the sound cleaned up since it's mainly good as a "fly on the wall" recording. has RCA pretty much decided to only release Elvis comps and let FTD handle reissuing the actual albums? I enjoy the extended albums, but I wish they didn't cost so much.
Colonel wrote on June 08, 2006
Cash said different things at different times. He stated that he was on that recording, but he was singing very high and off-mike. I don't hear him, but Elvis' statement before "Jericho road" always makes me wonder. Why should he say "take Johnny Cash to this", if Cash wasn't there? I am happy for every second of extra-talking and I was just about to begin to make my own copy with those songs in the right order. I always thought the quality was good, but I welcome every better sounding version. Maybe someday we'll see those reels Carl Perkins said that Sam Phillips has in his archive with about tow hours of MDQ-stuff.....
Ton Bruins wrote on June 08, 2006
Nevertheless Johnny Cash was a great performer and singer. Beside Elvis I listen to Johnny Cash' music very regarly. Justen listen to his American Recordings Series Vol. 1-4. Great songs, great voice.
DEL BOY wrote on June 09, 2006
Hi Folks, Earlier this year I purchased a 2 cd set of the Million Dollar Quarted. This was issued on the Charly label and was titled as 50th Anniversary Special Edition. The first cd comprises of 41 tracks by TMDQ. Comparing this to the original Charly release the extra track was at number 23, and is Reconsider Baby, running for 2.53mins. The complete cd now runs at 1 hour 09.40 mins. 5 of the tracks appear to be shorter, by odd seconds, and although I am no expert, there does not seem to be any shortening of the music, talking. Do we hear Marion Keisker ask the boys to sing 'Farther Along'? The second disc is comprised of 32 tracks. these being seperate recordings, by each of the 4 from the quartet. These tracks being recorded at Sun, within a few years of the historic session.
Devon wrote on June 13, 2006
I bought this when it came out many years ago on C.D. for me i wont buy the updated verson, but would highly recomend that any Elvis fan will be very happy with it. It shows Elvis as he is just finding that he has a god given talent and his voice is still raw in alot of the tracks. Worth buying!!!