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Elvis Story Show Cancelled

June 02, 2006 | Other
Elvis Story show, approved by Elvis Presley Enterprises, that was heading for a European tour starting december 2006, has been cancelled. No reason has been given yet for this cancellation.
Source:The United Elvis Presley Society
My boy, my boy wrote on June 02, 2006
Is there anyone who has more details ?...I live in Montreal and I knew that Jamie Lee Aaron took Martin Fontaine`s place, as the star of the show, for about a year. He even performed in Atlantic city last year for several shows. But we heard recently that Martin Fontaine is "back in the building" and will perform at the Bell centre in Montreal this summer for 20 performances. I happen to have my tickets...
Elkris wrote on June 02, 2006
I have just called my ticket provider, who unfortunately confirmed the news. No reason given. But at least I'm getting my money back. Really sad...
Pink345 wrote on June 15, 2006
Yes, Martin Fontaine is back and will perform the lead role in Elvis Story in Montreal starting July 8. There are plans for Elvis Story to tour in other countries but details not known yet. Martin will continue to also perform in his newest musical, Showman, and will alternate between the two productions. He will be a new partner in the business of Elvis Story and will also produce the musical and artistic content. There will be need for another performer or performers to substitute for the Elvis role at certain times and Martin will oversee this. I would imagine that there has been some restructuring and, with time, tours overseas will take place. I hope "My Boy, My Boy" will come back with a review of the show after seeing it in Montreal.