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Elvis Presley Patriotic Song Award Winners Caused A Stir

May 29, 2006 | People
Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn caused a stir Monday at the Las Vegas Hilton, while they were announcing their plan to perform there several weeks over the next two years. A hotel exec showed Kix Brooks a bejeweled cape worn on stage by Elvis Presley and Brooks dropped it onto his partner's shoulders.

But Ronnie Dunn didn't know what it was, so he tossed it into the crowd. That was when the execs who knew what it was went crazy and dashed into the crowd to retrieve the precious historical garment. Dunn says, "It was heavy and it smelled like mothballs."

In December 2002 Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn won the the first-ever Elvis Presley Patriotic Song Award (American Veterans' Awards) for their song, "Only in America".
Source:Associated Press
RacingRocks wrote on May 30, 2006
What a bunch of dopes. Is it any wonder why country music sucks so much these days?
ElvisBR wrote on May 30, 2006
Country pop sucks! But people like Dixie Chicks, Mindy Smith, Hank III, Steve Earle , Yoakam , Ryan Adams , Caitlin Cary and others still made good country music....
Teacher wrote on May 30, 2006
This has been regenerated. It looks like this was a recent event but it wasn't. This happened a few years ago.
My boy, my boy wrote on May 30, 2006
Dunn is the guy on the right, right ?....well, he ain`t no guitar player to begin with and certainly no performer either...he missed one chance to shut his mouth... Go solo Brooks !...Whatever !
Sean Ryan wrote on May 31, 2006
From what the article says, it seems it wasnt really their fault.Im sure if they were told who the cape belonged to then they wouldnt have done what they did.
kev11467 wrote on June 01, 2006
I doubt they would do this is they knew it belonged to Elvis. These country guys worship Elvis...