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Memphis Recording Service Re-release

May 21, 2006 | Book
Just released is a 2006 version of the Memphis Recording Service package, including a book, dvd and vinyl single. The package is the same. Only some minor things are changed, including some spelling errors in the book and the vinyl single is also a little bit different than the original 1st pressing.
Source:Elvis For Everyone Fan Club
Tony C wrote on May 22, 2006
I would encourage any fans who did not buy this package last year to do so now. It is a great item and a real labour of love. I look forward to the second volume.
Jim Berkeley wrote on May 22, 2006
Simple information:”That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” was issued with a guitar intro.
benny scott wrote on May 23, 2006
Hi Jim Berkeley, You're saying " That's when your heartaches..." WAS issued with guitar intro. Do you mean the guitar intro was on the first original release or now on the second ? Any idea what the little differences of the vinyl single are,compared with the first pressing? Always El
Jim Berkeley wrote on May 24, 2006
Thank you,benny,for being interested in my opinion.On 1st pressing of "Memphis Recording Service",there is the first original release with a guitar intro (very short cord:about 2sec.).