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Hello Memphis Re-release

May 27, 2006 | Music
The import CD "Hello Memphis" containing a soundboard recording of Elvis' March 16, 1974 performance has been reissued a new package by Wonderland Records. This time the CD comes as a digipack. The design is not as good as the original release, the sound is the same.
Source:Elvis For Everyone Fan Club
Elvos77 wrote on May 27, 2006
I'm glad i've got the first release ...what a bad looking cover, they never heard about photoshop?
Emiel Maier wrote on May 27, 2006
Wow, what an amazing photo! This is the first time ever, we see Elvis playing guitar with his left hand!!! I got to tell Paul McCartney he's in good company!
Gladyslove wrote on May 27, 2006
I must see, feel and hear this CD. Glad that I´ve got the "original " CD. A good typical show from 1974, nothing special.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 28, 2006
Too many re-releases....All ready got this one ...again...want something new !
Gladyslove wrote on May 30, 2006
Just look at the back cover. They use the head from Elvis in the ´70s and place it on another photo ( from the TTWII rehearsels ?!? ) from our man. I call it a crap...
Ciscoking wrote on May 30, 2006
Although the cover is crap..the show is too good to be skipped. If you don´t have the original...you should settle for this re-release..
Devon wrote on May 31, 2006
Junk thats all i can say about this one..