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FTD Updates

May 23, 2006 | Music
FTD announced today that they will add another release to the already planned July 2006 releases. The addition will be a 7" deluxe edition of Elvis' first LP "Elvis Presley". It will be made like the other releases in the Classic Album Series. It should feature the original album plus outtakes on two discs (according to the info we received no surprises). As a bonus this release should contain an unreleased radio interview with Elvis from 1956, the sound was done by Kevin Budd.

The announced soundboard release will be a show from January, 27, 1974 in Las Vegas entitled titled "I Found My Thrill".

The third release announced for July 1 will be the "Clambake" soundtrack. It will be made in the 7" soundtrack series. Like all the other ones will it feature the original soundtrack plus outtakes.

FTD also announces that they are working on some kind of "Hawaii '61" project. It has not been decided yet if it will be a CD, CD + book or maybe even a DVD release. FTD also contunous the working on the long awaited Sun book + CD. It might be ready for November 2006, but that is not for sure yet.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Colonel wrote on May 23, 2006
Imagine a "Hawaii 61"-DVD... What might this be like? I didn't know that footage of the cocnert exists. Or maybe a Audio-DVD... Anyway, it looks like there are some really good things comin' our way....
Gladyslove wrote on May 23, 2006
Good news, folks. But I wonder what will be on the Classic Album from 1956 ? A 2 CD set, is there that much material ? I wonder; maybe Ernst recently found some new outtakes?! Then it will be a good one, that´s for sure. Ernst, you know...
Dan The Man wrote on May 23, 2006
What a treat we are infore here, the july releases surely are "something for everybody". As we have 2006, a deluxe version of "Elvis Presley" can't be sceduled at a better time. We haven't had any january '74 releases before and "Clambake" is welcome as well. The projects sounds very promising, so please keep them coming and the greatest respect for your work Ernst.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 23, 2006
Another retread of material and outtakes from prior BMG and FTD releases. Not again, unless there's some absolute really new material will they get me on this and yes, I love his 50's music the best!
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on May 24, 2006
Yes, that's good news. Nonetheless, where is the de luxe edition of Raised on Rock, announced some years ago?
Ton Bruins wrote on May 24, 2006
Another Vegas show, well I don't know..And Elvis 1956 is nothing new either I guess. The Hawaii 61 concert is in my collection also. And Clambake is not my cup of tea. Well, not a very positive reaction from my side, I guess.
Gladyslove wrote on May 24, 2006
Matthias, just be patience, they will release Raised on rock it´s only a matter of time. I hope they will release Elvs´s second album in the classic serie and also King creole and Jailhouse rock and, ooh how can I forget Love me tender. Maybe there is some fine new material " recently found " by Mr. Ernst !?!
Garydt wrote on May 24, 2006
If FTD are thinking of doing a DVD release of Hawaii 61 does that mean they've found footage of the concert? If so, that would be absolutely fantastic!!
Sean Ryan wrote on May 24, 2006
Well i wouldnt count on any footage from the Hawaiian Benefit Show from '61 being released cause none exists. If it did then there would have been rumours of this years ago.Elvis's first album to be released on the FTD label looks interesting.Should have the 'outtakes of 'Blue Suede Shoes' which BMG have.Clambake soundtrack looks exciting.Terrible film but had some classic songs.
JerryNodak wrote on May 24, 2006
I'm looking forward to the deluxe FTD version of Elvis Presley. I'll donate my copy of the 2005 Kevan Budd remastered version to the local library. Also, know I will enjoy Clambake.
byebye wrote on May 24, 2006
Do not donate your copy Jerry. Since FTD is one step forward, and two steps back soundwise, I suggest you hold on to your "high resolution" DSD issue from BMG since it will sound better... -Promise!
Greg Nolan wrote on May 24, 2006
It's hard to say, Jesper. I agree he should hold off, but that is a great idea (donating to the library), and I've done things like that before. As for the skeptics, the ink is barely dry. I wonder how many of you lived through the '80's ? By definition, FTD is for hard-core collectors only. How do you know the FTD won't outpace the '05 version, just like the "Loving You" FTD did with the '05 version, with the new tapes that wer found? Incidentally, I just saw a "new" 2006 version of "ELVIS PRESLEY" - with a slipcover, that is, that reads "Original Album Classics" in a Tower Records. From the tracklisting, it's clearly the '05 Budd-remastered version, which is great news for those who clamor for the real albums to stay in the catalog.
byebye wrote on May 24, 2006
You got a point Greg. Better tapes are crucial for a good result. But while your at mastering, 20bit DSD will allways sound closer to the original then 16bit CD anyday, anytime, -IF the mastering is done right and like in this case the same K, Budd. Or I would rather recomend Steve Hoffmans 24K/gold mastering from the ORIGINAL TAPES as a second choice. (or first one :-) Anyone who doesn´t think the PCM sound from the "68 comeback DVD sounds superiour to the same soundtrack on CD, has a very different taste then what I have. I just wish FTD could go all the way, instead of making a 75% good product. But BMG will certianly make a "classic album series" with SACD/DSD with nice covers someday, so we all have the opportunity to buy it all over again... The Mempis Recording service release however, is a perfect example on how to do it right.
Gladyslove wrote on May 25, 2006
I think it is a good idea to release Elvis´s first album on a 2 Cd set so we get all the outtakes that spread over other releases on one and maybe a few outtakes extra, some surprises, new found outtakes ? I just can´t help thinking about it I have that feeling that there will be some surprises, not only that interview. Clambake is not one of Elvis´s best movie album but welcome for the collection. I hope they will continoue this movie serie following with G.I. blues, Blue Hawaii,... And the concert from the 27th of January 1974: Elvis is in a good mood at this season, with a strong voice. Surely we get some bonus songs from other concerts from this season, this is also welcome. Ernst, thanks for this gems and keep them coming maybe only one release every three months !?"
Tony C wrote on May 26, 2006
Presumably the deluxe edition of "Elvis Presley" will contain the out-takes released exclusively on the "Flashback" package. No doubt some will complain about this, but I would welcome it. These rare recordings were out of the reach of many Elvis fans because of the cost of the "Flashback" package. "Elvis Presley" was always a strange beast, a mish-mash of available material released as quickly as possible because RCA feared that Elvis' popularity would not last more than a few months. Was anybody ever more wrong? As good as it is, I have always considered "Elvis Presley" as a compilation album, with "Elvis" being his first proper LP. Having said that, "Elvis Presley" does have one of the most famous LP covers ever, something that has been copied many times. As for "Clambake", it was neither the best nor worst Elvis soundtrack LP. I welcome the forthcoming FTD edition, as I will with all of the LP's released during Elvis' lifetime. As far as I am aware, no footage exists of Elvis' 1961 Hawaiian concert, but I would love to be proved wrong. A FTD package would be nice, the concert recording has always been neglected by RCA, being just included on the silver box set. When compared to the bootleg LP set, RCA's treatment of the recording is sadly lacking. I think that advanced remastering technology could improve the sound quality of the recording. Certainly the jump on "I Need Your Love Tonight" could be repaired by dropping in samples from a later part of the song, something that I was amazed did not happen when the silver box set debuted on CD. A "Flashback"-style book with all available photographs and press cuttings, with a CD would be my choice. I would like to see the recording of the presentation ceremony featured on "A Legendary Performer Vol.2" included on the CD as well, along with the interview done on the "Blue Hawaii" set.
MR61 wrote on May 26, 2006
In my opinion nothing much to write home about with these releases except the clambake to fill a gap in the film sountracks from ftd otherwise not much cop.