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Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert - DVD Release

May 27, 2006 | Video
EPE added this update on the DVD release of the DVD release of "25th Anniversary Concert" which is planned for August.

In August 2006, Coming Home Music (Gaither Management) is scheduled to release a DVD of content from Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert. This show took place in front of a sell-out crowd at The Pyramid arena in Memphis, Tennessee on August 16, 2002 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. It starred Elvis Presley (via video) joined by a large gathering of his former bandmates live on stage - Joe Guercio, the TCB Band, the Sweet Inspirations, The Imperials, The Stamps, The Jordanaires, Voice, Millie Kirkham and more.

Coming Home Music, the company that, in collaboration with EPE, produced and distributes the excellent documentary He Touched Me – The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley, was offered the opportunity to produce and distribute a DVD of the 25th Anniversary Concert. The DVD will focus on Act 2 of the concert, which was much like the road show Elvis-The Concert (now known as Elvis Presley In Concert), plus material from the gospel segment from Act 1. Exact content details will be shared soon, once the editing is finalized.

The DVD will be available on ShopElvis.com, in Graceland visitor center stores and through typical DVD distribution outlets, and it will be available as part of the merchandise offering on tours of Elvis Presley In Concert. Also, repeating part of their successful marketing plan for He Touched Me, Coming Home Music is working with PBS (Public Broadcasting System) stations around the country to air the 25th Anniversary Concert. Some of the stations could choose to air it during their "pledge week" funding drives as they have with the gospel documentary. WKNO, the PBS affiliate in Memphis, has already confirmed plans to feature the concert for the first time during an August 2006 pledge week. Airings on other TV stations are slated for the months and years ahead. (The TV version will be a bit shorter on content than the DVD.)

Anticipated FAQs

Why just Act 2 and Gospel and not the entire show?

To maximize distribution of this DVD, Coming Home Music had to make sure it could get it into mass-market retail outlets that will not sell a DVD that goes past the $14.98 price point. Without getting into those major outlets, paying all the clearances for non-EPE footage used in our very long show and paying for clearances from all the singers, musicians, music publishers et al, plus production costs for a longer program, would have put a DVD of the complete show into a budget realm that would have made that $14.98 price point impossible.

Act 1 focused mostly on 50s/60s movie and TV footage for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks, essential for proper "Elvis-interactivity" with the live band, do not exist, unlike Act 2, which focused on 1970s concert material for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks are available. The 50s/60s segments of Act 1 were highly enjoyable for those present for the live concert event, but from a theatrical standpoint, the excitement doesn’t translate to DVD and TV viewing as beautifully as the 1970s concert material of Act 2 and the gospel segment from Act 1. Within the budgetary limitations on clearances and on the run time of the DVD, it was determined that focusing on Act 2 and the gospel segment would give the audience the best possible viewing experience if the complete concert event could not be on the disc.

Will the 25th Anniversary Concert air television outside the United States?

We don’t know yet.

On what date and in what formats will the DVD be available outside of North America?

We will let you know when Coming Home Music lets us know.

Will there be a DVD release of the 20th Anniversary Concert in Memphis called Elvis In Concert '97?

There are no plans for a release of the 1997 show. We did shoot an "archival" video of it, but the picture quality, and particulary the sound quality, turned out not be at a high enough level to warrant a release. The Elvis fan/collector market that would respond enthusiastically to this type of archival video is too small to cover all the costs of footage, performer and music publishing clearances, production/distribution costs, etc. But, the footage does exist for history and it has been very useful in putting together videos to explain our touring show to potential promoters and to incorporate into TV ads for some of our concert tours. (And , of course, many of you have found it out there on bootleg due in the form of sneaky audience recordings and in good form due to an apparent betrayal by someone who had access to the show taping we did.)

EPE is planning a live concert production of the magnitude of the 1997 and 2002 shows for August 16, 2007 – Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert. Will there be a DVD release from this show?

We hope so. This could depend in no small part on how well the Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert DVD sells. Coming Home Music or another distributor would have to have faith that they could recoup their investment and turn a profit. EPE does plan to shoot and record the event properly for history's sake, regardless of the status of a potential DVD release. Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert will take place on August 16th as part of Elvis Week 2007.

Will there be a DVD release from the tours of Elvis Presley In Concert (a.k.a. Elvis-The Concert)?

There are no plans for such a release, although some shooting/recording was done over the years. The 25th Anniversary Concert in 2002 is the most elaborate production of the Elvis-interactive concert concept to date and had a much larger cast of Elvis bandmates than we have on our road show. A DVD release of that show is the optimum choice for delivering the experience to you and the best bet for DVD sales. But, perhaps some of the road show footage could end up part of a project someday. We don't know. We'll see.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Dan wrote on May 28, 2006
Well, It's finally official, and we can all breath a sigh of relief that it's going to happen! I can't wait. I'm sure it will be as spectacular as seeing the show live. Elvis lives into the twenty first century and beyond....
Colin B wrote on May 28, 2006
Looks like D J Fontana ended up on the cutting room floor then !
Santa Claus wrote on May 28, 2006
I have enough incomplete stuff on my shelve. Don't need another half-DVD. I can buy a 50.000.000 budged movie for 7,99 Euro on DVD but I have to pay 15,00 Euro for a half Elvis show. Seems to be something wrong with the music royalties so. I would understand if some fans still stick with their complete amateur DVDs.
Jth wrote on May 28, 2006
WHAT A DISGRACE! They aren't going to release the complete show - and the "added bonuses" on the single disc versions of the '68 Comeback Special and Aloha From Hawaii are going to be slideshows!! EPE is not going to get my money this year!!
ep3577 wrote on May 28, 2006
This is Great! can't wait till this comes out. I believe they are releasing the best of the show that will flow well on DVD. I agree 100%. Can't wait till August 2007, I for one will be their:)
CD King wrote on May 28, 2006
They should be releasing the Complete Concert BOTH Act 1 and Act 2. If it only contains Act 2, sorry I wont be buying it.
gary 1 wrote on May 28, 2006
Those of you who won't be buying this dvd.I don't think those in charge will lose any sleep over it.They have explained the reason for not showing act1.And from what i've seen of it i can see their reason for not adding it to the dvd.At the end of the day if you don't buy you're the ones that will miss out.
JerryNodak wrote on May 28, 2006
I had no intention of buying it anyway. So it makes no difference too me.
Big Al wrote on May 28, 2006
What a moaning lot some of you are.We should all be grateful for this release.After all there is very little new material and this was a historical event we will now have in excellent quality.If we keep complaining we cant be surprised if releases dry up.
Dan wrote on May 29, 2006
I, Too, can't believe you guys who are complaining. They are RELEASING the concert. What more do you want!!! Be gratefull for this. No one ever thought this would come out. It's a wonderful thing to have. I am really getting tired of those who complain about the new releases, if you don't like them , Don't buy them!!!! I for one am so happy that i will be able to have a cherished momento of the concert I attened. That's right, you heard me...Greatfull!!!!!!! To the rest of you... PPPPFFFFF! ( that's me sticking out my tongue at you!)
Dixieland Rock wrote on May 29, 2006
I look forward to this DVD release. Is there going to be a companion CD release of these songs? That would be good too.
lray wrote on May 29, 2006
This sounds great. I saw the show twice, Aug. 5, 2000 and Feb. 1, 2001. I do think it will transfer well to DVD.
Jth wrote on May 30, 2006
Now what the heck is wrong with complaining??!!! It's the best thing that a company gets to hear - and the good ones try to hear the complaints and do something about it!! And EPE should try to use a earpin, because they stated that there would be something of a value for the hardcore fans, as well as the semi-fans, but a slideshow!! Give me a break!!! Granted that "It Hurts Me" will finally be included where it belongs in the '68 Comeback Special, but I wonder if they cut it out from the 3-disc special for a special reason. Where the heck is the japanese footage of the Aloha From Hawaii, where is the audio commentary of Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana?!
JerryNodak wrote on May 30, 2006
jth: I'm all for your right to complain. But you're complaining about the wrong topic(single disc versions of '68 Comeback & Aloha) on the wrong thread.
Jth wrote on May 31, 2006
Well, I thought everyone would see something very wrong with the dvd release of the 25th anniversary concert; but here goes for everyone that hadn't noticed it before: it's incomplete!!
JerryNodak wrote on May 31, 2006
Yes, it is incomplete. But if you'll re-read the press release the reasons why are set forth quite clearly I believe.