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Elvis Presley - Original Album Classics

May 25, 2006 | Music
According to a posting on the FECC forum Elvis' first album "Elvis Presley" appears to have been re-released in the "Original Album Classics" series. This 2006 edition should come with an slip-cover with the moniker "original album classics", similiar to the "Golden Records Volume 2" (as "The Hits") reissue of last year. This release appears to be the 2005 version which was remastered by Kevan Budd.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Gladyslove wrote on May 25, 2006
What? They re-release the first album twice in 2006? At FTD and a regular album like the Gold records Vol. II last year? Sure it is truely a Classic album but we get this album last year. What the hell is happening here? I just can´t believe it. They milk the cow till it´s empty and no one cares about the cow. Ernst, what is happening here, something went wrong !?!
bajo wrote on May 25, 2006
FTD is an option for all true Elvis fans. You may take it or leave it. I have bought all upgrades of Elvis' albums as they have come along. And I sure ain't gonna stop now. The classic series is a dream come true to me. And as long as I can afford it, I'll buy each and every one. And I give away the CD's that I don't need to my youngest son, who has become a real fan himself. Keep 'em coming Ernst!
drghanem1 wrote on May 25, 2006
I don´t understand, was 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can´t Be Wrong re-released last year? I doubt it!
jean michel wrote on May 25, 2006
Hello ! I have not seen Elvis Presley re-released in the Original Album Classics series yet but just got a copy of the Elvis (2nd album) CD in slip case (put out in 2006).A printing on the slip cover says "newly remastered using dsd technology for optimum sound quality".Cat # on slip case same as cd. Track listing : original list + 6 bonus.
MR61 wrote on May 26, 2006
How many times does this cd /lp need rereleasing i have about 5 copies bought in the last 3to 5 years these inclued vinyl and cd releases and dont forget the dvd release as well .I give up
Greg Nolan wrote on May 26, 2006
Mark64, what do you have against the main label keeping his best albums in print? This is basically the Kevan Budd-remastered version (the best!) from '05, with the track order restored but based on the '99 do-over. If you aren't interested in better sound, so be it. This *should* be in stores and if they have to add bells and whistles over the years, all the better. As for the FTD, that clearly is a deluxe version that will be made, complete with outtakes that (for the most part) are less interesting to casual fans, although quite a few "classic" rock albums have gotten the 2-CD treatment in regular retail stores. This is good news, not bad. I was the one who made the FECC post, incidentally. I'm glad that someone else saw the second album out there. Actually, in most stores, the '05 versions are still in stock. The slipcover is basically put right over last year's version. As for the other person who asked, yes, "50 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" was indeed released in the last year, albeit as a budget version with a slipcover - and missing those '99 bonus tracks. The disc itself is nicely-done in gold with an Elvis sillouette, but it's hardly essential. Again, RCA is keepng the original albums in print (some of them anyway) so let's applaud that.
MR61 wrote on May 26, 2006
Greg I have no problem keeping all of Elvis's albums on the shelves . I just think they where good enough when he made them we dont need loads of remasted versions the originals are the best I think we should leave them alone dsd what ever this i cant realy tell the difference may be i am old but i prefer the orginal sound people like budd dont need to remaster it , it sounds ok to me, I prefer to listen to vinyl as it sounds like it should take 30 no1's the sound is different on every track not for me sorry . out of all my cd versions of this album the first is the best un touched
PTCJones wrote on May 27, 2006
I agree MARK64, I think most people can't tell a lot of difference on these DSD versions especially the mono tracks. On 30#1's, the sound is improved, but I think the biggest difference is the way the tracks were mixed.
Steve V wrote on May 27, 2006
The 50's albums were great when they re-issued them in the 90's with the extra songs. They should be the ones that remain in print. In my opinion they were definitive. This 'DSD' hook to lure repeated buyers in is a joke. 'Dumb Stupid Dumb' is what it should stand for.