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Going Back In Time

May 16, 2006 | Music
The next Straight Arrow import CD release will be another show from the February 1977 tour. This release, entitled "Going Back In Time", will feature a complete audience recording of Elvis' February 15, 1977 show, recorded in Orlando, Florida. As a bonus 14 minutes of the same show recorded from the soundboard have been added. This CD is set for release in June 2006.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Ton Bruins wrote on May 16, 2006
Elvis seemed tired and worn during this show. The sound was poor in the 'aluminum and steel' building. Comments according to an Elvis site......
Pachakuti! wrote on May 16, 2006
It is an interesting release nevertheless. Elvis' career is fascinating - for bad and/or for worse. I enjoy studying performances even if they're 'low-par'. A few performances from this tour were great, though his health seemed to have been swinging by the tail (and going up 'n down).. It should be noted that a lot of sources are unnecessarily negative when commenting on Elvis' later performances.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 17, 2006
No,no, he should have been in a hospital for a long time instead of performing. Although I know that he had some great performances in 1977. As a matter of fact I like him most of the time in 1977, but he should have done someting to get well....
Ciscoking wrote on May 17, 2006
The spirit of the tour shows Elvis gave at the end of 1976 was gone..back to routine.....
sunrecords56 wrote on May 17, 2006
Elvis should have been in a place under medical....the colonel should have deported after some one broke his legs....and Dr Nick should have been used for Target Practice at Fort Chaffee, However Elvis played his own cards thus the end results.....however if he had lived all that is around us now would not be...and Uri Geller would not be able to talk to him via nutty phone
Gladyslove wrote on May 18, 2006
A sade but true story: Elvis health is going down since the beginning of 1977 and doesn´t get better he get´s puffier every month and looked very bad ( sorry for those who love Elvis in this period, I surely like some photos were he looked great like the cover of the CD The king has landed and when he sings My way at the CBS special ). As someone said before: We will wait and listen then we give a comment to this release.
Devon wrote on May 21, 2006
I saw Elvis two weeks before he died. All i can say is how sad it was to see him, even through i knew for a long time how sick he was. I was lucky to see him 35 times in concert and the last 8 times i saw him i knew that his health was not good. We cant take back what has happen, but we can always have him in our hearts the way we all wanted him to stay. Elvis Lives Always.