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EPE Did Not Consider Purchasing 1034 Audubon

May 16, 2006 | Other
After the sale of 1043 Audubon, Elvis home before he bought his Graceland Mansion, we asked Todd Morgan's EPE if they considered buying this house, here is his reaction:

We did not consider purchasing 1034 Audubon.

If the house at 1034 Audubon Drive were closer to Graceland and were not sitting in a neighborhood zoned as purely residential, perhaps we would have deemed it a potentially viable addition to our Graceland tour operations and might have considered trying to buy it. The kind of money owners Mike Freeman and Cindy Hazen were looking for was way beyond our budget for new archival acquisitions at this time and there would have been no sure way for us to recoup the investment. All our energy and resources for perservation are focused on Graceland Mansion and our vast Elvis archives. We felt confident that the future of 1034 Audubon would be "safe" when we saw that the bidding was exceedingly far above market value for homes in its neighborhood. Any of the bidders surely had to value its Elvis history to be willing to pay so much.

Some fans suggested that we buy the house at 1034 Audubon and move it to the Graceland visitor center property to make it available for tours. It's an intriguing idea, but it would have been prohibitively expensive in addition to the purchase price, and there is no room in the budget for such an undertaking in our plans for revamping the visitor center properties.
sunrecords56 wrote on May 16, 2006
Very wisely worded, and the magic words "residential".....Now i wonder if the "3 Stooges" think they can bring outsiders in to live.....I DONT THINK SO.....its kind of like that song I SAW ELVIS IN A UFO.....the Money is just flying away...unless Uri can Talk to the Colonel via nutty phone to see if he has a way to flim flam a way to make money at someone elses expense. Elvis is gone and 1034 is just a home.....maybe they want the toilet from Fort Hood i'm sure somebody has it to make money off of.
GeeBee wrote on May 16, 2006
Good to hear their reasoning,, and to know they considered it. Also very glad that Audubon was not moved -- seeing it in it's surroundi nieghborhood is invaluable!
Crawfish wrote on May 17, 2006
Its the folks next door and across the street to 1034 that I feel sorry for; can you imagine it ....... Uri Geller! If I were them I would already be petitioning to stop AD becoming a "museum". I don't blame EPE (for once) for not going for it at all!
pasa-ryu wrote on May 21, 2006
i could'nt believe my eyes when i read in the paper that uri geller recently purchased elvis' first home! i wonder what the motive was behind it?..i just hope it's not to turn it into some wierd museum or religious cult??(god knows,that he is a little strange)
Alant15 wrote on June 03, 2006
I am confused. If you look at the listing on ebay for Audubon Drive, Uri Gellar dropped out at $350,000?? The winner was someone called pg2000?? Maybe he had an agent go for it as he thought his so called "celebrity" would hike up the price. Anyone know what went on?