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Elvis-Themed Show On "American Idol" Tonight

May 09, 2006 | Other
Following is a press release from the Fox network illustrating how the owner of both EPE and 19 Entertainment combines his companies.

Last weekend the four American Idol finalists visited Graceland, the home of the original American Idol, Elvis Presley. Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley welcomed the finalists to the famed house, where music mogul Tommy Mottola offered advice to the Top 4 as they prepared for tonight’s Elvis-themed American Idol performance show Tuesday, May 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on Fox. The show will feature highlights from the finalists’ first meeting with Presleys and Tommy Mottola, and a tour of Graceland. On tomorrow’s results show (Wednesday, May 10, 9:00-9:32 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) it’s "Now or Never" as the Top 3 finalists are revealed.

Elvis Presley, arguably the most celebrated singer of our time, is estimated to have sold over one billion records, more than any other artist. Presley, a seminal figure in the birth of rock and roll, remains hugely popular decades since his music first hit the airwaves. During their visit to Graceland, the finalists were given the opportunity to rehearse their Elvis songs at the world famous home of "The King," under the tutelage of Tommy Mottola. Priscilla Presley gave the finalists a private tour of the historic home.

Tommy Mottola grew up on Elvis’ music and ultimately his love of "The King" led him to enter the music industry. He started his career as an artist with Epic Records, and later began managing careers, publishing artists and ultimately running one of the top music labels Sony Records. He has worked with many of the top names in music including Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Harry Connick Jr., Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Lopez and, most recently, Shakira.

Currently, Mottola presides over his own record label and management company in search of new talent that has the whole package, the look, style and most importantly voice. No other executive has signed and developed more of music’s top global superstars. Fourteen-time Emmy-nominated American Idol is created and executive-produced by Simon Fuller, founder of 19 Entertainment; and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; Nigel Lythgoe, President, 19 Television; and Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
samcra wrote on May 09, 2006
"American Idol" is the highest rated show on American TV at this time. Tonight a lot of young people will be exposed to the music and magic of Elvis. And that's a good for us all.
JerryNodak wrote on May 09, 2006
I can hardly wait. NOT!!!
OneSidedLoveAffair wrote on May 10, 2006
I thougt it was really bad!! Don't let them near Graceland or Elvis music ever again!!
mikem wrote on May 10, 2006
i didnt like it.. boring!!!
efan4ever wrote on May 10, 2006
I did not watch the show but I was told about it. I did not miss much. I can't believe they were using Elvis's piano. That is terrible! I watched the video on the web site. Can you believe all those people. What a joke. They walked in the front door like they own the place. I could write all night about how much I dislike or hate that show but what is the point. The sooner I forget about this non sense the better off I will be. Once again this is just my opinion.
Dixieland Rock wrote on May 10, 2006
This is the first time I watched an entire American Idol show. Probably be my last time too. Simon's arrogant & cocky attitude ruins the whole show to me. I never have cared for the show. I did watch it this time only because it was the Elvis edition. Some of the performances I did enjoy. Others, I didn't care as much for. Since Elvis was the "theme" of this show, I thought they should have paused & showed at least one or two COMPLETE performances of Elvis instead of the brief montage of footage.
hounddog1 wrote on May 10, 2006
What a joke! The performances were way over the top, just like every American Idol performer! Someone should teach them that sometimes less is more! I agreed with almost everything Simon said! I think American Idol should just stick to the cookie cutter performers of Brittany, Christina and any Back street boy wannabe's and leave the real music to the likes of Elvis! Pricilla should be put in a corner and left there to think about what she has done!
elvis_fan wrote on May 10, 2006
You know what? I totally agree. I have never watched a full episode of American Idol in my life but I did last night because of the Elvis theme and tribute. However i did not like that the contestants walked into Graceland like it is theirs and to use Elvis' piano is terrible, they have no right. And i hated that there were crowds of people there at Graceland to meet them. They should be there screaming at Graceland because of Elvis not American Idol. Anyways, I didnt like the performances because they thought they were all high and mighty and could pull off a Elvis song. WRONG!!!! Nobody could ever pull off an Elvis tune the way he did, or dance like he did. There is no way. However i did like that little opening of the clips of Elvis performing in the beginning but that is about it. Simon was actually right last night.
lray wrote on May 10, 2006
Most of you are off the mark. Have Elvis fans now become a bunch of cranky old ladies and grouchy old men? It sure sounds like it. These are very nice people and the last four have some real talent. I am a long time Elvis fan, I went to Elvis concerts and and attended his movies when I was growing up. The songs were done really well last night and no one was attemping to do Elvis. Everyone was very original. As far as being disrespectful, so silly. We have all walked through the doors of Graceland, not like we own the place, but like we are thrilled to be there.
OneSidedLoveAffair wrote on May 10, 2006
You need your ears checked! They didn't even sing the right melodies. The fast songs wer especially slow and boring and I don't think any of them will sell near the records Kelly or Carrie have and I don't have a very high opinion of them either! They should stick with the modern music and leave the classics alone - jmho!!!
Steve B. wrote on May 10, 2006
I bet one thing, there was probably about 30 million people that had Elvis on their minds for that one hour show. And, many of those wouldn't normally be thinking of Elvis.
byebye wrote on May 10, 2006
Your so right Steve... They were thinking -"What the heck is the king of Rock´n Roll doing on this crappy show??" and who´is responsible for it? :)
Steve B. wrote on May 10, 2006
Jesper, I know I am correct. Go to www.amazon.com and look at the sales rankings for "Elv$S." Normally, it ranks in the 300 range, which is good for as long as it has been out. Funny thing, today it is NUMBER 39 in the overall rankings. Ummm...I wonder what caused that sales spike?
Steve V wrote on May 10, 2006
Steve B - U are correct. Exactly what I said last week. Every artist that has been featured on AI has seen their sales spike. I agree, the show wasnt that good. I really only enjoyed In The Ghetto by Taylor. My 12 yr old son made this observation. 'Now I know why they call Elvis the King. No one can sing his songs like he did.' We all know this show features wannabes but at least they featured Elvis for a change. Long overdue. And also this. Today many radio shows go over AI and what was sung. Some of the people on the radio reviewing the show didnt even know If I Can Dream. After they played Elliot's weak performance the radio host downloaded the original from the net and played it. WOW was the response. Good exposure? I think so.
Steve B. wrote on May 10, 2006
Steve V, you are a smart man with a great first name.
luckyjackson85 wrote on May 11, 2006
Fantastic show! I think it was one of the best, if not the best American Idol episode's that I have ever watched even though I totally disagree with Chris being kicked off the show and Elliot did not give a good performance of "If I Can Dream". Taylor rocked it out and Kat stole my heart with their performances. All and all it was an awesome week for American Idol fans and Elvis fans. No one can sing like Elvis but they did a great job of being original and yet staying true to the memory of the very first American Idol, Elvis Presley. Good work Idols!
lray wrote on May 11, 2006
You're right lucky. Ditto from me on your assessment of the performers and the show. It was sad to see Chris go. Those of you that have followed the show know that he can really sing and has a strong voice. He is one of the best from all the shows.
Sean Ryan wrote on May 11, 2006
Even though i have yet to see this episode of American Idol, i feel that it has been very positive for Elvis fans.From all the 1,000's of youngsters who entered American Idol, for it to go down to the last 4 and if they come across as just ordinary by singing Elvis songs then it will make people realise just how good Elvis was.Its just what America needed cause ,with all due respect,Elvis has been bigger in Europe and the rest of the World over the last 20 years as far as accepting Elvis's talent whilst America has looked down on Elvis.Its only the last few years that Americans realise that Elvis was and still is the greatest musical force ever.
byebye wrote on May 11, 2006
Sales spike on Amazon?? You´re funny steve. Nick Lachey is #10 with his few Mc donalds sales there, so I think we´d better be quiet about that. And just like placing Elvis in "Harum Scarum" or any other embarrassing situation (AI), you might make a buck or two. However, that shameless profit thinking is a sellout mentality, that just keep contributing to the fact that Elvis is the most exploited star on this planet. It has weakened his credibility enormously as a serious Rock icon. While legends such as Dylan, The Beatles. Stones, Marley, etc has been more careful on what they are associated with. Thats why many americans have a different perception of Elvis I believe.
Steve B. wrote on May 11, 2006
Jesper, So, the sales spike on amazon doesn't mean anything?That was just a early showing of what was going to happen. How about this info I just took off this wonderful site. On the U.S. Billboard chart listings for the week ending May 20, 2006 Elvis climbs again. The single "Heartbreak Hotel" climbs 3 places to #14 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales chart while the compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" re-enters the Top Country Catalog Albums chart at #24, probably due to the attention Elvis received from the Elvis themed American Idol show. And this spike in sales will continue for a couple of weeks. I guess you think this spike is caused by ole Elvis fans going out and buying the CD's they already have? Get a grip. You are out of your league with this one.
Sean Ryan wrote on May 11, 2006
Jesper is too proud to admit he was wrong.
Steve B. wrote on May 11, 2006
Sean, You maybe correct. Certainly the sales figures don't lie. As Elvis fans we all know what tv did for Elvis' career, it made it. This SMASH hit show helped it as well.
byebye wrote on May 11, 2006
No Sean, I´m just seeing things in a larger perspective which some have amazingly hard to follow. Unlike Steve I´m not obsessed with peanut sales, since that is not important in the long run. I´ve been reffering to credibility as an artists way to achive both status and large album sales. This is why The Beatles has sold twice then Elvis in the USA. Either you get this, or you dont. End of lesson chaps...
Sean Ryan wrote on May 11, 2006
Hasnt Elvis has 2 No.1's in the US sales chart in the last few years? Elvis's popularity in the US has never been so big for at least 30 years.How can you say that American Idol is a bad thing for Elvis's legacy? Its just what the Elvis World needed, especially in the US.
Steve B. wrote on May 12, 2006
Jesper, you need to get your facts straight. The Beatles have not "sold twice then Elvis in the US." And for an artist that has been very dead for nearly 30 years, "peanut sales" add to his already amazing totals.
Steve B. wrote on May 12, 2006
From the official RIAA site for US ALBUM SALES: BEATLES, THE 168.5. PRESLEY, ELVIS 118.5. Jesper, "twice then Elvis in the US" would mean the Beatles has sold 236 million. I don't think so. School is OUT!
Steve V wrote on May 12, 2006
jesper et all - Yes I agree Elvis is the most exploited music icon on the planet, but I still think AI was a good thing. Elvis has been mentioned in the NY newspapers all week. He hasnt had this kind of publicity since a ALLC was remixed a few yrs ago, I still believe this is good! What makes his credibility lower than The Beatles, Dylan or whoever is the damn way his record company handles his releases, the way EPE puts out products (ever go on Elvis.com shopping?). How can you be taken seriously when candles bear your image! Just look in the cd rack next time you are in a record store. Countless meaningless releases to confuse the Elvis fan. Sevral country compilations, rock compilations, useless Camden releases. You dont see this with The Beatles. I feel like the Colonel faked his death and is still calling the shots! C'mon, American Idol to me was the only positive thing this year in the Elvis world as far as I'm concerned.
Steve B. wrote on May 13, 2006
Steve V, Elvis has been all over the newspapers as well as tv and radio since the American Idol show. I have been an Elvis fan since 1956. It is always exciting seeing him getting so much attention in the media. Better this type attention than the "Elvis is alive" bull do-do.
efan4ever wrote on May 13, 2006
I agree it was great publicity for Elvis, I just wish they did not use his piano.
miked wrote on May 13, 2006
Although I don't necessarily subscribe to "any news is good news" I have to say that the AI show wasn't that bad at all and certainly seems to have brought Elvis more out in the open again, if thats the right term to use. I think it was Cowell who said of If I can dream, "a less well know song". Well it aint any longer, if in deed he was right at all. You can say what you want about quality but as before, it has highlighted the great music Elvis performed and brought it back to the thoughts of the younger generation again. Well done AI.
Steve V wrote on May 13, 2006
Hey maybe If I Can Dream can be the next A Little Less Converation. A bigger hit the 2nd time around. If the judges and the public thought Yamin's version was so good wait till they hear the original! Are you listening EPE/BMG? Keep the momentum going!!!!
byebye wrote on May 13, 2006
Well.. at least a few understood my point, allthough our opinions are apart on what good publicity is. But anyway, publicity is useless if there is no harvest to reap. A schoolary event of Elvis is meaningless, if there is no sycncronized plan for a "new fresh" album that is ready to be launched. A refreshed "If I can dream" is also on top of my "wish list" as a lead song for a mastodont-like movie of some sort. But since BMG/EPE often miss opportunities, I´m afraid this publicity train is once again leaving....