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Elvis The Concert To Be Released In June

May 09, 2006 | Video
According to the information we received the DVD of "Elvis the Concert" is almost ready. The concept of this 2002 show is to present Elvis doing the show, with his musicians backing him up. The result should be "spectacularly good, this will definitely be a winner!". The release date is scheduled for next June. Fans who travel to Memphis this August, will have the chance to see the DVD show on a big screen. Extra bonus footage includes interviews with band members and co-workers.

The official "The Concert" site mentions the DVD release of "Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert" for August 2006.
Tony C wrote on May 09, 2006
Wow, I never thought that this would happen. I have seen the camcorder footage of this show, and that is great. An official DVD of the show is most welcome.
asd123 wrote on May 09, 2006
wow, fantastic news. this will be fun to watch (guess the sound and picture quality will blow us away)
Pedro Nuno wrote on May 09, 2006
Fantastic News! And what Concert will it be? The one from Memphis in 2002? Hope they put some extras from the European tours, since the crowds in Wembley, Rotherdam, Amsterdam, and Paris were absolutley fantastic!
James69 wrote on May 09, 2006
This is freaking great news! I can't wait! Why is EPE so quiet about this??? I emailed them 10 days ago, and they did not respond?
Narek wrote on May 09, 2006
Jth wrote on May 09, 2006
Fantastic news; especially since I have never been to any of the concerts. Well done EPE
Dan wrote on May 10, 2006
Wow! Somebody up there is on our side! This will be spectacular!
Renan Augusto wrote on May 10, 2006
Great news!
E.J.F... wrote on May 10, 2006
It's good to have this concert on DVD. I saw it twice at Wembley Arena in London and so I know it would be an electrifying experience. But if fans had to choose between this and a Special Edition of "Elvis On Tour" which one would they opt for? I know exactly what my choice would be! As a matter of fact it would be a good choice for a QuickPoll. How about it ElvisNews? Of course, the ultimate preference would be to have them both!
Ton Bruins wrote on May 10, 2006
Absolutely good news. I hope that they will use the 1997 show in Memphis. Because of the fact that I was there, because it was the first Elvis The Concert and because Lisa Marie did sing "Don't Cry Daddy" with her father. I almost know for sure that there will be footage of 1997 in the DVD because I saw a lot of camara guys walking around...Let's hope for the best.
Martin DJ wrote on May 10, 2006
As the news report talks about "this 2002 show" it's nlikely the 1997 version will be released. It would be nice to have a cd-version as well.
Colin B wrote on May 10, 2006
I hope this is the 25th Anniversary Concert from the Pyramid, Memphis, on 16th August, 2002! It includes 50's & 60's segments along with the normal 70's stuff! And D J Fontana !
Ton Bruins wrote on May 10, 2006
In 1997 J.D. Sumner was still there as he sings along with "Sweet Sweet Spirit" !
Janus wrote on May 10, 2006
It's fantastic news. i'm looking forward to it!!!
Bill (BW) wrote on May 10, 2006
The release date is "next June" - by that I assume they mean June, 2007, although the fans in Memphis this August (August 2006) apparently will get an advance look on the big screen.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 10, 2006
I've never had a chance to check one of this "post-humous" Elvis shows but I wonder how good it will appear on television. It seems like it might only work in person. After all, don't they just use original Elvis footage we have elsewhere? It might be a "different," with all the musicians playing with him years later. It's an odd thing, isn't it?
Lefty wrote on May 11, 2006
I saw Elvis The Concert in St. Louis. Next to having Elvis on stage, it's the best thing going. I think Greg Nolan is on to something concerning the transfer to TV. That may not work too well. Nevertheless, for the sound alone it will be worth the purchase. My hope is that they'll release the show on CD.
lray wrote on May 11, 2006
William I was wondering the same thing. It sounds like next year to me also. I have seen the show twice and I do think that it will work on DVD.
JerryNodak wrote on May 11, 2006
As I understand it Elvis: The Concert is video of Elvis singing various songs while accompianed "live" by his former "road" band. I can understand the "thrill" if you are actually there. But I wonder, where is the thrill in watching a video of Elvis performing the songs that we already have on video? In short, I've already got this stuff. TTWII, Aloha, '68 Special and others. This is like a video of various videos. Doesn't sound exciting too me.
elvislady wrote on May 11, 2006
i and many other elvis fans have seen this show more than once and belive me its like elvis is at the concert with you the atmosphere is electric, unless you have seen it i would not slate its nothing like various videos put together . its the nearest i got to elvis and i will never forget it i had a fantastic time.
JerryNodak wrote on May 11, 2006
Jeeny; That's my point. YOU were THERE. It was electric, exciting. But if you're not there, where's the excitment. It's then just a video of videos. I have them. Again; I understand the excitment of being there. I'm just wondering if that excitment will carry over into my living room. Yes, I saw Elvis "Live".
Sir Donald wrote on May 12, 2006
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the 2002 concert in Memphis. It was an incredible time meeting fans from all over the world and being a part of this enormous historical event. Towards the end of the show there were some noticeable problems with the female vocals and I seriously hope that this has been edited out. We had seen the concert in Toronto a year or two earlier in a more intimate setting of about 2500 and the musical backgroung was perfect.
johnwaynefan wrote on May 12, 2006
The best thing about this will be the improved sound quality that could be captured in 2002. The audio of the live recordings done by Elvis in the late 60s and 70s simply doesn't capture the live experience of an orchestra, two choirs, and a rock band all playing together. It was an enormous and beautiful wall of sound that simply doesn't translate on the DVDs and CDs that we have now. This could be incredible.
elvislady wrote on May 12, 2006
well when you have seen him live i guess thats the best thing ever, your so lucky. jeanette.
Crawfish wrote on May 15, 2006
But it will bring back some great memories of some great evenings; like a lot of you I have seen it several times and there is nothing like actually being there - the tears rolling and the throat killing you and hands throbbing through clapping - but one day there will be no more Elvis The Concert and so I would definately love this DVD for treasuring memories I have. Having said that, I couldn't attend the 25th anniversary concert at The Pyramid and that would be the one I would really love to have in my collection! Any news anyone?
Ton Bruins wrote on May 16, 2006
Is that June 2006 or June 2007 ???
Renan Augusto wrote on May 17, 2006
Ton, I think this is for June 2006. It is written: "The release date is scheduled for NEXT June". So let´s wait.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 19, 2006
OK Renan, let's hope it will be June 2006.