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Celluloid Rock

May 12, 2006 | Video
Two brand new import DVDs have just been released. Both contain movie songs from different pictures. Picture and sound quality should be great according to the original posting.

Volume 1 contains 35 tracks and runs for 80 minutes, volume 2 contains 37 tracks and runs for 73 minutes. The DVDs, released by Wonderland Records, are in 2.0 Stereo, region code free and come in two-sided fold out digipacks.

The tracklisting Volume 1:

Easy come, easy go - You gotta stop - No more - The lady loves me - The love machine - Bosa nova baby - Adam and evil - All that I am - Never say yes - Am I ready - Beach shack - Spinout - Smorgasbord - Queenie Wahine's papaya - Scratch my back - Drums of the islands - Datin' - House of sand - Stop where you are - This is my heaven - Drums of the islands - Who needs money? - A house that has everything - Confidence - Clambake - You don't know me - Hey, hey, hey - The girl I never loved - Let yourself go - Your time hasn't come yet, baby - He's your uncle, not your dad - Who are you? - There ain't nothing like a song - We'll be together - I'll be back.

The tracklisting Volume 2:

King of the whole wide world - Can't help falling in love - In my way - I don't wanna be tied - A boy like me, a girl like you - Because of love - Song of the shrimp - The walls have ears - Moonlight swim - Guadalajara - You can't say no in Acapulco - Ku-u-i-po - The bullfighter was a lady - Marguerita - El toro - Mexico - I think I'm gonna like it here - Ito eats - Slicin' sand - Hawaiian sunset - Beach boy blues - This is living - Home is where the heart is - Island of love - Wooden heart - Pocketful of rainbows - Tonight is so right for love - Doin' the best I can - Little Egypt - Big love, big heartache - Poison Ivy League - It's a wonderful world - One track heart - Riding the rainbow - Hard knocks - Dainty little moonbeams - Girls! Girls! Girls!
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Gladyslove wrote on May 13, 2006
I am looking forward to these DVDs. I got them in my hands but could not buy them cause there was no more money left. Great cover and good compilitions.
Ciscoking wrote on May 13, 2006
There are better clips...I am missing the 50`s and early 60`s movies. Who is interested in clips from Easy Come, Easy Go..?? But the idea isn`t bad.
yelserp wrote on May 13, 2006
Ciskoing:- Who is interested in clips from Easy Come, Easy Go..?? A lot of fans including me. Just because some fans don't like a certain aspect of Elvis ' career it shouldn't be dismissed. You probably like songs, movies etc that I have no interest in - wouldn't it be a boring world if we always only liked the same things. I get sick and tired of fans putting down aspects of Elvis' career that THEY don't care for. Have some respect and open your eyes too the wider picture.
Renan Augusto wrote on May 14, 2006
It sounds interesting. I really like Easy Come Easy Go clips too.
CD King wrote on May 18, 2006
Who is interested in clips from Easy Come Easy Go? Me. I loved all the 60s Elvis movie clips and soundtracks. Great entertainment. Can wait to lay my hands on to these 2 DVDs.